Climb to the top podcast

Craig Henderson – A Climb To The Top Podcast

< 1 minute read

Craig was recently interviewed by Chuck Garcia on A Climb To The Top Podcast. Give this podcast a listen to learn more about Craig and his journey to founding Extract Labs. About the host: Chuck Garcia is the founder of Climb Leadership International and coaches executives on leadership development, public speaking, and Emotional Intelligence. He… Read More

Jake Lannen – Formulation Laboratory Manager

2 minute read

While his title reads “Formulation Laboratory Manager”, Jake Lannen is something of a Rosetta Stone between production departments and the front offices. He is often one of the first ones here in the morning and one of the last ones out the door in the evening. You will find him darting from one end of… Read More

CBD Time

How Long Do The Effects of CBD Last?

3 minute read

A number of factors should be taken into account when attempting to answer the question: how long does CBD and its effects last? Of course, the single most important variable being that everybody(body) is unique, and only through personal experimentation can one best determine this answer. 3 Factors to consider CBD Dose CBD Product Experience… Read More

CBD Tincture under Tongue

CBD Tincture vs CBD Oil

5 minute read

A CBD tincture is a hemp extraction mixed with a carrier oil, such as coconut or olive. CBD oil is often used as the standard term to describe multiple CBD products, including tinctures, tanks, distillate, etc. The term CBD oil also describes an extraction itself. Just like how all bourbons are whiskeys, but not all… Read More

cbd recipe for greek salad

CBD Recipes: Greek Feta Dip

< 1 minute read

CBD is the hottest trend on the wellness market and many health-savvy consumers are looking towards its potential benefits as a key part of their wellness routine. Products on the market range from simple items like CBD tinctures and capsules to more advanced things like CBD vape cartridges and concentrates. Some crafty consumers are making… Read More

woman with hemp hustler shirt sits next to river in Rocky Mountains.

Liz Rogers – Community Manager

2 minute read

Liz hales from Springfield Illinois where most of her family still resides. Through a random series of events and mutual friends, she discovered Extract Labs Muscle Cream and Strawnana Shatter, which instantly set her on a life changing course.  I fell in love with the quality of products, as the CBD I had tried before… Read More

woman using cbd releases birds into a sunset

What Does CBD Feel Like?

4 minute read

Many consumers purchase CBD products with the expectations of having a life-changing moment on their first dose, only to find that they don’t instantly feel better. This can leave many frustrated, writing CBD off as a scam after they did not experience any instant effects. I mean after all, how can it be working if… Read More

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