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Extract Labs is a full service hemp extraction lab based out of Boulder, Colorado. In addition to our own line of boutique CBD-infused products, we also offer total processing for hemp farmers. We can process your crop as far as you’d like – whether that may be raw oil, distillate, isolate etc. We also offer wholesale, white labeling, and dropshipping for established businesses.

We work our hardest every single day in an effort to become the number one destination for your CBD needs. We take immense pride in our products, processes, and prices. We believe that for your money, you won’t find higher quality CBD anywhere else on the market. CBD has changed countless lives, and our goal is to provide as much of it at the highest qualities possible, for the lowest prices possible.

Extract Labs Team

Meet the people that keep things running at Extract Labs

Extract Labs Team 2018

Extract Labs was founded by our CEO Craig Henderson in December of 2016. He started out by himself operating on one machine out of his garage – less than 2 years later, Extract Labs now employs over 20 people and recently expanded into a second lab in Louisville, Kentucky. Craig’s unique perspective acquired through his time spent as a combat infantryman in the U.S Army, his experience earning his Master’s of Engineering from the University of Louisville, and his days as a salesman and instructor of supercritical CO2 extraction machines has prepared him and the company as a whole for the intense day to day operations of a laboratory of this scale.

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