an aerial image of Extract Labs CBD products sitting on a green background with christmas presents, ribbon, ornaments and pine leaves mixed in

Holiday CBD Gifts for People Who Have Everything

4 minute read

Shopping doesn’t have to be stressful. You don’t have to worry about wasting money on a present just so you don’t show up on Christmas eve empty-handed. Practical, affordable, and effective, make CBD the go-to gift for those who are challenging to shop for. We put together a simple list to give you guidance on… Read More

an American flag on a flag pole, billowing in the wind with a cloudy sky in the background.

Veterans Talk About CBD

2 minute read

As a veteran-owned company, we try to do our part in supporting those who have served our country. Witnessing cannabis help vets with pain and anxiety was the fuel that got Extract Labs up and running. To acknowledge the holiday, we sent out a survey to our military member subscribers to learn more about their… Read More

a group photo of all Extract Labs employees standing on a staircase at their new Lafayette location

Extract Labs Celebrates Lafayette Grand Opening!

< 1 minute read

We recently celebrated our official grand opening this Monday, complete with a red ribbon and oversized scissors. After months of loading and unloading, cleaning and more cleaning, we are finally (almost) set up in our new location in Lafayette. We’re just adding the finishing touches.  Now all of our operations are under the same roof,… Read More

sugar coated yellow, red and green gummies on a white background

How to Make CBD Gummies

5 minute read

It’s spooky season, which means we’ve been slowly skimming the good stuff out of the trick-or-treater candy bag. Come Halloween night the kids will be left with the dregs: plain M&Ms and candy corn.  In this blog, we will teach you how to make CBD gummies, a grown-up version of the sugar-dusted snack that makes… Read More

an black and white portrait of Bearded Man Coffee founder Landon Harmon holding an ax across his back while in the woods. He's wearing a flannel shirt and black beanine

Bearded Man’s Good Values and Delicious CBD Coffee

4 minute read

Bearded Man Coffee co-founder Landon Harmon (pictured above) wanted to give everyone a slice of the peace he feels sipping his first cup of the day on his back patio in the wooded Black Forest of Sedalia, Colorado. “Every time someone drinks a cup of our coffee, my goal is for people to think what… Read More

an image of a CBN molecule on top of a hemp leaf background with the letters CBN in white bold

CBN for Sleep: A Better Way To Catch Those Z’s

3 minute read

Quality shut-eye is equally as important as a healthy diet and exercise, but many adults struggle to meet the suggested guidelines of 7 or more hours per night, and traditional sleeping pills may do more harm than good. This has left millions of people seeking a gentler option to heavy sedative drugs.  The Importance of… Read More

a center shot of a woman crossing the finish line at Boulderthon

Thank You Boulderthon!

2 minute read

Thank you to everyone who came out to the first-ever Boulderthon full and half marathon. CBD is changing the face of athletics recovery and training, so we feel deeply grateful to be the presenting sponsor for the inaugural event in Boulder, where Extract Labs planted its roots. Over 2,000 people participated in the race that… Read More

What is CBN Oil?

5 minute read

CBN, cannabinol, is one of the over 100 cannabinoids found in hemp. A non-psychoactive compound, CBN oil is popular for its relaxing qualities. Read on to learn what else makes CBN stand out from its fellow cannabinoids! Is CBN a cannabinoid? Yes, but it is slightly different than the others. What makes CBN unique is… Read More

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