an image of a man's right upturned hand holding CBG capsules

CBG Products You Need to Try

5 minute read

Cannabigerol is a special molecule that eventually transforms into all other cannabinoids as hemp plants mature. This unique quality is why CBG is a sought-after extraction. Just like CBD, CBG products come in different forms, each with its unique benefits and uses. What are CBG Products? CBG products are similar to CBD products. The only… Read More

an image of an opaque CBG molecule over a picture of an aerial view of young hemp plat in a terracotta pot

The Benefits of CBG Oil

5 minute read

Cannabis is nature’s gift that keeps on giving. New cannabinoids continue to surface as researchers unlock the hidden powers of hemp. Many CBG benefits are similar to CBD’s, which is why it may be the most notable new player. But cannabigerol is a rare cannabinoid in more ways than one. It’s less prevalent than CBD… Read More

How CBD Helped A Recovering Addict With Lyme Disease

6 minute read

“Where I am sitting right now, I can see people sitting and injecting drugs,” says Andrew Warner from his stuffy car in New Hampshire. It’s raining outside, and Warner, 46, is taking a break from his workday as a community health coordinator at Better Life Partners and the creator of the city’s volunteer-based needle exchange… Read More

an images of a hemp leaf

Extract Labs Receives State Certification!

2 minute read

Extract Labs Analytics Services is now one of three state-certified hemp labs that can conduct compliance testing under the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.  Colorado recently changed its hemp regulations for labs to meet more extensive requirements, similar to the marijuana industry.  “The state certification is in place to help regulate laboratory practices in… Read More

A woman's hand holding a blank labeled tincture bottle over a plate of flowers

What Is the Best (and Worst) Way To Take a CBD Tincture

7 minute read

Tinctures are traditional CBD products that work as an ingestible and as a topical. Many people who have never tried CBD or other cannabinoids often test the waters with tinctures because they are approachable and versatile. But how versatile? While there is plenty of opportunity to get creative with hemp oil, there are mistakes you’ll… Read More

U Haul moving van at Extract Labs in front of mountains.

Extract Labs is Moving!

3 minute read

Drum roll please! Extract Labs is moving! We are finally gaining some much-needed space as we continue to grow.  As of today, we have officially closed on our new facility! Before we look forward, we wanted to take a minute to look back on the last time we moved. The Big Move 2018 Ah, it… Read More

a closeup of green light up sign that says cannabis shop with a cannabis leaf.

Unregulated CBD Biz Maintains High Standards

3 minute read

A cannabis review site dedicated to impartial product research recently published a handy article that takes a broad look at the CBD industry as a whole. Oracle, the site behind the research, analyzed a small pool of 196 companies, including Extract Labs. There are well over 1,500 brands in the crowded market today. But most… Read More

A portrait of Matt Monteverde, a former military member and police officer, wearing a shirt that says front toward enemy, glasses and a camo trucker hat.

How a Hero Healed with Hemp

4 minute read

Matt Monteverde’s new career as a new home salesman in New Braunfels, Texas, is a mild existence compared to his time on the Arizona police force.  “Oh god, what did I not do during my law enforcement career,” Monteverde said.  He started as a patrolman, spent 13 years on the regional swat team, and was… Read More

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