Top CBD Products of 2019

With so many products to choose from, it can be hard to decide which ones to try. Our customers frequently ask us which products are the most popular, so we thought we would put this handy list together! Here are the most ordered Extract Labs CBD products of 2019!

#1: Original CBD Tincture

Somtimes, you can’t beat a classic. Throughout the entire year, our Original CBD Tincture dominated our monthly sales reports. Many of our customers choose this tincture because the ingredients list is simple: organic coconut oil and CO2-extract full spectrum CBD oil. Each dropper will contain 33mg CBD per milliliter.

Since it uses CO2-extracted CBD, the flavor of this tincture is much more mild than many alcohol extracted products on the market.

#2: Original Extra Strength CBD Tincture

We really meant it when we said that you can’t beat a classic! Coming in second place for 2019, our Original Extra Strength CBD Tincture. This tincture contains the same simple ingredients as our Original CBD Tincture, but contains twice the concentration of CBD in every bottle. This stuff is great if you are needing that extra edge from a product. At 66mg CBD per milliliter, each dose will pack a powerful punch.

If you are an experienced CBD user or living with severe chronic pain, this tincture would be the better choice over the regular strength stuff.

#3: CBD Muscle Cream

An Extract Labs fan favorite. Our CBD Muscle Cream has a long list of customer reviews and media accolades. Most recently, Men’s Health said awarded it Best Athletic Recovery Balm of 2019!

With 7 organic ingredients and 1500mg of CO2-extracted CBD, our Muscle Cream is perfect for performance athletes and performance grandparents alike. The cream contains menthol for a cooling effect and arnica, a renowned homeopathic anti-inflammatory. If you haven’t tried our Muscle Cream, you’re missing out! See why Buzzfeed said “Extract Labs CBD Muscle Cream has lowkey gained cult status in the chronic pain community.”

#4: Fetch - CBD for pets

In 2019, our customers were sharing the love of plant-based wellness with their fur babies. Fetch was launched to give special attention to the needs of pet parents in a market full of under-dosed and over-priced products. Like Fetch’s parent company, Fetch gives you a clean, honest, and affordable way to put some spring in the step of older puppies and help those cat naps happen with your living room lion. 

Have you tried CBD for your pet before? If so, drop a review on this product! There is nothing we love more than hearing we are helping an animal feel well again! Don’t forget to send a picture in with your review so we can send it to everyone on our Slack channels!

#5: CBD Soft Gels

The needs of the consumer are as diverse as the consumer them self. To some, the thought of putting tincture under their tongue every morning isn’t ideal. We launched our CBD Soft Gels to provide a convenient capsule option for ingesting CBD. No measuring oil in a dropper or holding it under your tongue, just take these in the morning and head out the door! Our capsules are also a favorite for traveling. With the capsules being contained in a bottle, you don’t have to worry about anything spilling out in your luggage.

Each CBD capsule will contain 33mg of CO2-extracted CBD, with 30 capsules per bottle. See how easy CBD is to work into your daily routine!

Honorable Mention: CBG Oil

While our Full Spectrum CBG Oil didn’t make the top of the charts last year, it is worth mentioning; CBG Oil launched in November, and was our #1 product in November and December of 2019. CBG is often referred to as the “stem cell of the cannabis plant”. As the industry evolves, more consumers are going to be turning to CBG for their wellness goals due to the incredible things it’s being studied to help with.

Extract Labs’ processing team is the best in the industry. Our CBG Oil is extracted and produced from American Hemp, not Chinese-sourced CBG like many other products on the market. Check out our CBG Oil and see what CBG can do for you today!

Still need help choosing?

Our team of experts is always on call, ready to help you make an informed decision. Reach out via the live chat on the bottom right corner of our site or send us a contact request! Whether you are a beginner looking for information or an experienced CBD user looking to up your game, our in-house experts will provide the answers you are looking for!

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