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Caleb Ramos – Lab Technician

Behind one of Extract Labs’ most soft spoken employees is a huge passion for all things cannabis. Meet Caleb Ramos, Lab Technician in our refinement department. This young gun comes to us all the way from Tampa, Florida. Although he spent his early life in the Sunshine State, Caleb’s family moved to Colorado the summer before his freshman year of high school. While the prospect of starting freshman year in a new school sounds like most people’s idea of an adolescent nightmare, Caleb quickly found a group of chill dudes that were very much like himself. During his tenure at Chinook West High School, he spent the bulk of his time teaching his cronies to skateboard, diving deeper into cyberspace with video games and virtual reality, and constantly looking for the next trend in music.

During high school, Caleb found his love for cannabis. Through a chance encounter, he got the opportunity to learn the secrets of cannabis cultivation from an expert grower during the early days of legalization in Colorado. Caleb, fascinated by a humble seed’s journey to medicine, quickly absorbed every tip and trick that was fed to him.

During this time, Caleb bounced around jobs to keep busy while he anxiously awaited his 21st birthday which would allow him to obtain his MED badge and put his passion for cannabis to work. He worked everywhere, from being an egg cook at a restaurant to helping at a local golf course.

An Opportunity Arises

At the age of 19, he got wind of an opportunity that would get his foot in the door of the cannabis industry. He called a friend that worked at Extract Labs, and learned that while one must be 21 to work with marijuana in Colorado, there is no such age restriction on hemp. Caleb nailed his interview the day after his call, and was hired immediately.

While he started doing busywork in the formulation department, he kept after opportunities for growth in the company. He was constantly asking questions, taking in more knowledge, and trying to figure out where he wanted to be. Caleb now works in Isolation, producing Extract Labs’ award winning CBD isolate.

Q&A With Caleb

Q: What is your favorite Extract Labs product?
A: Blue crush shatter

Q: Name a book you’ve read that had a major impact on you.
A: I read a lot of manga, my favorite is called FLCL

Q: What’s the best thing you’ve ever watched on Netflix?
A: Akira is the best movie on Netflix

Q: What advice would you give to someone looking to start working in the hemp industry?
A:Always focus on the future of the cannabis but never let that distract you from where it’s at right now.

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