Christine Arnold – Shipping Manager

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Christine Arnold possesses a singular distinction unmatched by any other at Extract Labs – her laugh. The last time I laughed out loud for a sustained period of time, I suddenly became aware of areas in and around my ribs where I had no idea muscles existed. I had to stop laughing in order to stop the pain. Christine’s laughter, however, runs all day, every day, with no signs of fatigue. It’s a naturally occurring wellspring that offers both consistency and endless variety. When just mildly amused, she has the ability to talk and laugh simultaneously, punctuating equal parts word and chuckle into a continuous rhythmic stream. When full on, her sharp, broken cackle explores an operatic range, and rides the air unpredictably like a butterfly on the breeze. From my fixed position in the office, the sound of laughter reveals her general proximity as she moves about the floor behind me, and forms part of a constant backdrop that makes Extract Labs a fun place to work.

Aside from having a professional level laugh, Christine’s professionalism extends to her job as well where she manages the shipping department consisting of 3 employees and occasionally Salsa, an exotic bird, who bobs her head to the beat of hip hop. These two make a fantastic pair because they both seem to be in competition over the color red, as well as which one contributes more to the acoustic landscape of our building.

Under Christine’s leadership, the shipping department keeps pace with the steady clip of online sales. Even during times of exponential growth, these guys run around the clock ensuring timely delivery. They are the final link in the chain that keeps us true to our word and our customers loyal.

Christine Arnold and Salsa

Hailing from Longmont, CO, Christine helps keep it real with her local roots. After graduating high school she held several jobs prior to discovering Extract Labs, including positions like Dental Assistant and working at a chocolate factory. As soon as she discovered the world of CBD and Extract Labs, her life took on a whole new meaning. Christine feels deeply that hemp has the power to affect positive change around the globe, and derives her passion at work from this optimistic perch. Who knows what keeps her laughing all day, but I can say with certainty that my own laughter is often owed to her.

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Q&A With Christine Arnold

Q: What is your favorite Extract Labs product?
A: I don’t have just one. My top three favorites are definitely the Face Cream, the Raspberry Extra Strength Tincture, and our Strawnana CBD Dabs ?

Q: What book has had a major impact on you?
A: Lie to Me by J.T. Ellison. It is fiction, but it reminds me that everyone can’t see the mountain someone is climbing. Telling the truth will always be better than lying, since the truth always comes out… eventually.

Q: What’s the best thing you’ve ever watched on Netflix?
A: A fall from Grace. A movie that kept me on my toes the whole time.

Q: What advice would you give to someone looking to start working in the hemp industry?
A: Be Passionate. Put all you got into what you do, especially if you love it. Remember to always embrace the process of improvise, adapt, and overcome because the hemp industry is forever growing and changing.

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