Marco Treppeda – Shipping Assistant

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Given the fact he’s the only true native Boulderite in the building, it’s fair to say, Marco represents a point of genuine connection to the place where Extract Labs has put down roots. Besides having a strong work ethic and a land-locked upbringing, Marco manages to embody the essential qualities that made Jeff Spicoli of Fast Times… a cultural icon. This duality, or ability to be two disparate things at the same time, follows Marco around like a shadow, and offers a more complete picture of a seemingly simple dude. 

One of the more ostensibly trivial things to observe in Marco is that he sports two distinct looks: 1) chill, sensitive pony tail and diamond earring guy, and 2) the skinniest WWF pro wrestler to never (thankfully… yet) enter the ring. The former is his everyday persona. The latter is more a mirage. A thing one rarely sees, and if they do, struggles to believe it was real. You might spot it first thing in the morning before he slips behind the curtain that separates the lab from the rest of the facility, or just after work as he speeds away in his supped up car. At these transitional moments, his sub shoulder-length locks are in full glory, and to complete the look, a pair of oversized, white-rimmed, teal-mirrored shades scream, “you can’t see me!”. A bold look for such a demure guy to say the least.

Marco Treppeda

Marco (itching his eyes, or whistling w/ his pinkies??) in the Great Salt Flats, Utah.

Marco’s commitment to his work is demonstrable on many levels, but also in his ability to fill in the gaps when needed. Recently, he has been called from the lab to help with the overwhelming demand of our shipping department. Being able to flex at a moment’s notice, and always looking for ways to help, Marco displays a deep conviction for the cannabis movement, reminding us we are all here in response to a calling.

Outside of work, he enjoys wrenching on cars

Marco drives a Subaru STI which for those who don’t know, is a whole thing. Diehard enthusiasts build these cars out to race car specs, and oh yea, they race them (think Grease Lightning rather than Talladega Nights). But in complete Marco-fashion, his sits inside an older, tan-colored Forrester body. This gives the look of a typical “going out to get the groceries” type of ride, all the while housing a beast of an engine adorned with rally-car parts and tuned to emit jet engine sounds. Many a driver has been rendered jaw-dropped when left to choke on the dust Marco’s car leaves behind as it rips off the line at a stoplight.

If the car we drive could ever offer a window into our character, Marco’s STI Forrester reveals a humble, unassuming guy on the outside, and a fierce rebel on the inside.

We have all benefitted from Marco’s chilled-out positive vibes, but we’re also interested in what drives him forward. At the ripe age of 21, we can already appreciate that below a cool exterior lies a force to be reckoned with.

Q&A With Marco

Q: What is your favorite Extract Labs product?
A: Muscle Cream

Q: Name a book that had a major impact on you.
A: N/A

Q: What’s the best thing you’ve ever watched on Netflix?
A: Paradise PD

Q: What advice would you give to someone looking to start working in the hemp industry?
A: Work hard.

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