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Savannah LaForce – Operations Manager

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Hailing from Mobile Alabama, Operations Manager Savannah LaForce started out as a lab assistant in our isolation department. Although small in stature, Savannah is an absolute (la)force of nature. She handles the day to day operations here at the lab, and spends her days checking in on our formulations department to make sure everything is on track, running point on communications between departments, and making sure all wheels are turning smoothly.  

Before Extract Labs, Savannah worked as a tutor through college, while bouncing around in various restaurant gigs. After college, Savannah traveled to Las Marias Puerto Rico to work at Plenitud, a non-profit educational farm and community dedicated to service in sustainability and the arts. She spent her days working in the garden, whipping up dishes for the hungry workers in their kitchen, and dabbled in marketing for the farm.

Savannah moved to Colorado to work in Cannabis, and ultimately hoped to grow with the industry. She relentlessly searched for a job for months. Refusing to settle for anything less than a career in Cannabis, she was down to her last $200 when she found Craig on LinkedIn. She asked Craig if she could come in for a tour to pick his brain about the industry. What Savannah thought was a casual meet and greet quickly turned into an interview. She was blown away by the operation. 

“I had never seen anything like it, and I knew that I was on the right path” Savannah recalls. “After having a conversation with Craig and couple of managers about the nature of the industry and the importance of having a job with a higher purpose, I think we all fell in love. Craig called me 30 minutes later to offer me a job, and I haven’t looked back ever since.”

Energy from an Industry

Savannah says she has always been fascinated by plants and the body. Holistic health, alternative medicine, and sustainability were always a passion.

“Working with a medicinal plant, especially one as amazing and versatile as hemp, was the only thing that made sense for me. The relatively new social acceptance and rapid growth of the industry motivated me. I felt I could literally play a key role in something huge. I had something that I wanted to contribute to the whole. As I built a network within the industry upon first moving to Colorado, I instantly recognized the energy of every individual I encountered was explosive.” Savannah said, with a look of excitement on her face. 

“The knowledge, the determination, and the love that I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by ever since has forever changed my life. I am just so grateful for the opportunity Extract Labs has afforded me. The industry is constantly changing and there’s nothing comparable. I love being faced with new challenges every day. I could not have witnessed the amount of growth personally, within my coworkers and colleagues, and the industry as a whole in any other career.”

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What is your favorite Extract Labs product?
A: That’s so tough! I love them all, but I use the topicals and tinctures daily 😊

Q: Name a book you’ve read that had a major impact on you.
A: Let My People Go Surfing by Yvon Chouinard

Q: What’s the best thing you’ve ever watched on Netflix?
A: Sense8

Q: What advice would you give to someone looking to start working in the hemp industry?
A: Anything is possible!

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