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Celebrating National CBD Day with Your Stories

August 8 is National CBD Day! To celebrate, we wanted to hear your stories. Every day we hear feedback from people who’ve been positively impacted by CBD. But we wanted to learn more, so we sent out a survey to see just how CBD has impacted your lives.

Cannabinol can affect the body and mind, which is why we received a range of input, from retirees to young pups (literally, we have a story from a 5-year-old retriever). Using CBD for pain was a common thread among many respondents, but others surprised us. 

Here are your CBD stories. Thanks for sharing!

You use CBD For Pain

It was flattering to learn that Sharon A., a healthcare researcher, chooses our products. 

“I researched so many companies and read all the information Extract Labs provided about their manufacturing process and certifications,” she said. 

Sensitive to medications, Sharon uses full spectrum CBD and CBN for back pain that keeps her up at night. “It is marvelous,” she says. “I drift into a peaceful sleep, awake refreshed and truly with no pain.” 

Like Sharon, Rachel B., 41, takes the 1000-milligram CBD tincture for sleep and back pain. She takes one full dropper when she wakes up in the morning. It took a couple of months before she noticed changes, but her back pain has improved 75 percent. 

Glenda G., a 73-year-old retired artist, uses topicals for pain, so does Tom S. The 70-year-old retiree started CBD tinctures and gummies three years ago for arthritis pain and sleep.

“For some reason, the CBD formulation from Extract [Labs] works for me,” Tom says. “Oh yeah, Muscle Cream works wonders on my knees and neck.” He suggests people who are new to CBD start low and go slow. He says you may have to stop using it every once in a while to manage your tolerance.

You Use CBD as an Alternative

Accountant Barbara M., 61, uses CBD tinctures for headaches. It took her about a month until she noticed changes.  

“My health has improved because I no longer take [over-the-counter medications] like Excedrin,” Barbara says. 

Similarly, 36-year-old Laurie C. started taking bulk CBD isolate and sometimes vape products as an alternative to anxiety medication. She prefers isolate so she can add it to her food or drinks or make custom tinctures. 

“I started using [CBD] for anxiety, but it has truly helped so much more,” Laurie, a stay-at-home mom, says. “I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar and CBD has helped my moods so much. I’m able to tolerate my manic days a little better. 

The bad days are still there, just fewer and further apart. I do still use medication for that, but I am off of the Klonopin I was on.”

a picture of a golden retriever who has Addison's disease wearing a bandana that says choose love

You Use CBD for your Pets

Finley, 5, is a retriever by trade (pictured above). They started using Fetch full spectrum CBD for pets and 100 milligrams of CBD isolate in a pill pocket to help with seizures. Colorado State University recommended CBD to Finley’s family. 

Ella, a long-haired Weimaraner sitting for a close up portrait in front of a bed with a red comforter

“Finley used to have seizures every couple of weeks, now they go 2-3 months between episodes,” Finley’s parents said. “The vet has increased the dosage to see if they can get an even better response.”

Ella, a long-haired blue Weimaraner, started taking CBD in 2020 after an Addison’s disease crisis. Her kidney and adrenal glands were shutting down.

 “She had to spend 3 days in the doggy ER, and it took visits to 3 different vets to find one who can deal with her high-maintenance regimen,” Ella’s dad said. “Your brand Fetch CBD helps her medicine go further, working in a symbiotic relationship. She gobbles it up with breakfast and dinner.”

You Use CBD for Addiction

Jackie G., a retired administrative coordinator, began using CBD in 2014 to stop smoking cigarettes. Now 70, she continues to do so. 

“After trial and error with e-juices, I started using CBD tinctures to reduce the urge for a cigarette, manage anxiety and promote a sense of wellbeing,” she says. “I was able to quit smoking and fight off persistent urges within a couple of months. I discovered the pain-relieving benefits of CBD secondarily.”

She said her preferred method is CBD concentrates for fast-acting pain relief and anxiety. She also uses topicals for arthritic pain because she said she can’t take typical anti-inflammatory medication.

“For an added bonus, those CBD dabs make me feel very sensual at times,” she says. 

She also uses CBD and CBG flower to make tea with apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and stevia. She uses CBD hair and skincare products. She also gave her recently-passed 17-year-old dog CBD for joint pain. 

“I honestly believe the CBD extended her comfort and quality of life,” Jackie says. “I believe in the benefits of CBD and try to use it whenever I can, in all its applications with one exception. The edibles tend to knock me out and lay me low, so to speak, so I avoid them.”

An illustration of a diverse group of people of all ethnicities and ages who like CBD products

You Use CBD for Stomach Issues

Brandon P. is a 20-year-old student who uses CBD tinctures, muscle cream and tanks. 

“It has improved my life in more ways than one,” Brandon says. “I tore my ACL at the beginning of the year, and I was able to use CBG tincture to help deal with some pain. Later in the year, I got diagnosed with digestive issues that CBD oil has tremendously helped with! On top of that, it helps with insomnia that keeps me up a good portion of the night.” 

Josh K. is a self-employed 26-year-old who uses full spectrum CBD and CBDA for general pain and nausea, CBG for chronic stomach issues, CBN to relax, and Delta 8 for nausea and relaxation. 

“Within the first day of trying it I was able to eat normally for the first time in years,” Josh says. “CBD really sorta did give me my life back. It helped bring my stomach back into a normal rhythm, it reduced my anxiety, it’s helped some chronic pain issues in a way no one said could.”

Your CBD Advice

Across the board, all of the respondents suggested giving cannabinoids time to see results. They also recommend starting with a low dose and building up. 

“Don’t expect a huge difference overnight. It takes a few days to really see a difference,”  Laurie C. says. 

Some say full spectrum products give the best results. Others suggest talking to your doctor to make sure CBD is OK to use with other medications you may be taking. They also said do your homework. 

“Go to a trusted company as there are many companies selling CBD, CBN, etc., so you want to make an informed decision,” Sharon, the healthcare researcher, says.  

After that…

“Just do it!” Barbara says. 

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