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analytical services

State of the art lab testing at an unbeatable price.

Extract Labs is proud to announce the availability of our new in-house hemp lab testing services. Our customers know how obsessed with quality we are, and we are now offering analytical services that meet our standards. If you have ever had to work with an analytical lab, you know to expect long wait times, slow communication, and to be ready to pay big time for your results. As a business owner, all this adds up to unnecessary stress and a hit to your bottom line. 

Extract Labs Analytical Services offers everything you love about working with us: affordable pricing, fast turnaround times, and top tier customer service; all without sacrificing quality! Whether you are a current wholesale customer, farmer, or just curious about what’s in the product you picked up at a local shop, we can help you out. Get in touch with us!

Services Offered

Price: $35
Turnaround: 24-72 hours
Extract Labs currently tests for 12 Cannabinoids:

  • Coming Soon! 17 Cannabinoid Panel, (CBDVA, THCVA, CBNA, CBL, CBCA)

Coming Soon!

Price: $60
Turnaround: 24-72 hours
Extract Labs will soon provide reports for 13 residual solvents:

  • Acetone, Benzene, Butanes, Ethanol, Heptanes, Hexane, Isopropyl Alcohol, Pentane,
    Propane, Toluene, Xylenes, Acetonitrile, Methanol.
  • More solvent reports available upon request. Can quantify 31 solvents

Coming Summer 2020!

Price: TBD
Turnaround: TBD

What can we test?

We can test hemp products including flower, oils, isolates, and products. Current available product testing includes topicals, tinctures, and soft gels. 

Coming soon: edibles such as gummies and chocolates. 

Please note: we cannot test marijuana or marijuana-based products. 

You will also need to fill out a sample submission form. The form can be downloaded below. Please fill out the form in accordance with the labeling on your sample. Please mail your sample with completed intake form to the following address:

Extract Labs
ATTN: Analytical Services
3620 Walnut St
Boulder, CO 80301

Get in touch with our analytical team!

*Please note: This form is to request lab testing. Our general contact form can be found on our support page.

Disclaimer: Laboratory results are based entirely on the sample submitted to Extract Labs, LLC, in the condition upon acquisition. Extract Labs, LLC warrants that all analyses performed were done in a professional manner in accordance with all relevant standard laboratory practices and good manufacturing practices. All data was generated using an unbroken chain of comparison to certified reference materials and NIST traceable reference standards. This report shall not be reproduced without prior written consent of Extract Labs, LLC.

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