CBD Examine Authenticity Award

Extract Labs Wins Award From CBD Examine

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One of the largest problems plaguing the CBD industry is the sheer volume of misrepresented products on the market. Given the lack of regulation and official oversight, this comes in many different shapes and sizes. From downright fraudulent products, to inaccurate lab test results, consumers can find it difficult to establish trust with a brand. Because of this, we are always honored to be featured by third party websites who confirm that our products contain exactly what we state they do. 

Yesterday, we won the Authenticity Award from CBD Examine, a CBD vetting company. CBD Examine randomly buys products from all sorts of companies and puts them through rigorous testing processes. These tests were performed double blind by two separate labs, both of which confirmed our tincture contains just a touch beyond what we promise on the label (well within range of acceptable accuracy standards). Because of how well our products performed, CBD Examine has awarded us with their highest honor: The CBD Examine Authenticity Award! Of all the CBD vetting companies, we have never seen one so thorough, accurate and informative as the CBD Examine!

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