Extract Labs Blazy Susan


Extract Labs Blazy Susan


The Blazy S (Slim) is a tray made for daily dabbers and flower users. The Blazy-S cleans up your routine, keeps all your smoking essentials handy, and makes medicating an all around better experience for everybody that uses it! Medicating with friends has never been easier!



Less Mess:
The Blazy-S has an optional medical grade silicon dabpad and oil slick. You’ll have plenty of real estate to put dab tools, carb caps, ashtrays, bowl pokers concentrate/terp jars, qtips and all the messy things that come with medicating.

Thoughtful Slots:
There dedicated spots to securely hold 10, 14, and 18mm male bangers/bowls, BIC & Clipper Lighters plus a variety of smaller holes to stash rolled joints, blunts, dab tools, concentrate pens and anything else you can think of! There is even a place to put your cell phone!! There are circular cutouts that have serve a variety purposes but will securely hold most Blazer Torches, Grinders, Aluminum Cans, Ashtrays, and more.

Made with high quality Walnut and topped with a fabric dab mat in the center.


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