Silvered High Efficiency Distillation Head – 24/40

$270.00 $162.00-40%

Silvered High Efficiency Distillation Head – 24/40

$270.00 $162.00-40%

Brand: Lab Society
MSRP: $975
Condition: Excellent
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From Lab Society:

Our brand new, High-Efficiency Distillation Head offers more surface area than ever before.

We’ve completely redesigned the column and head space, based on countless hours of testing and user feedback.

24/40 lower joint
Redesigned for maximum efficiency
Improved “cup” design
Stable flow rate
Multiple thermocouple placement
Backwards compatible
Added O-Ring joint
Reimagined with efficiency in mind.
The bottom portion is silvered and vacuum jacketed, while the top is solely vacuum jacketed. This creates an ideal temperature differential between the top and bottom parts of the distillation head.

It also offers greater heat retention, which translates to improved overall efficiency and enhanced separation.

Improved, slanted “cup” design.
We’ve added a slanted, cup-type area inside the head. Why? After months of testing, we discovered that this adjustment and addition allows vapors to rise and pre-condense inside the top of the head, letting them safely drip down into the cup area.

You’ll see after running it why this minor change is a big deal.

Stable flow rate.
Once the vapor cools, distillate can fall down the walls and be channeled directly into the condenser, giving you an increased, stable flow rate without the use of large outlet ports.

Multiple thermocouple placement.
We’ve created multiple thermocouple ports for modularity and ease of packing – a side mounted 19/22 joint and top-mount 24/40 joint.

Backwards compatible.
To maintain compatibility across your systems, we used 24/40 joints to ensure “plug and play” with your existing systems.

And our new high-efficiency distillation head only uses two retention fingers and is fully compatible with regular packing as well as our patent-pending structured packing (LS-STPK15-S70) as well as other forms of column packing.