Subscription Management Guide

This is our subscription management guide, if you are looking for our subscription policy it can be found here: Extract Labs Subscription Policy 

This guide provides an overview of the functionality available to customers who purchase a Extract Labs subscription.

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    My Account Page

    After you have purchased one or more subscription products from us, you can view your subscriptions on your My Account page.

    On the My AccountSubscriptions you subscriptions will be listed, along with the subscription’s status, next payment date and links to View the subscription, where you can view all details and manage each subscription.

    subcsription details

    To view the full details for a subscription:

    1. Go to the My Account page.
    2. Go to the Subscriptions page.
    3. Select the View button next to the subscription in the Subscriptions table; or
    4. Click the subscription number under the Subscription column in the Subscriptions table.

    On this page, you will see the subscription’s:

    • Status
    • Start date, trial end, next payment and end date (if any)
    • Line items, including products, shipping, fees and taxes
    • The total amount charged each renewal
    • Payment method
    • Order history, including the original order used to purchase the subscription 
    • Contact email and phone number
    • Billing and shipping addresses
    subscription details

    Subscription Management

    At the bottom of the subscription details table and in the subscription totals table on the View Subscription page is a set of action buttons. You can use these buttons to:

    • Cancel an active subscription. 
    • Reactivate a recently canceled subscription
    • Pay for a renewal order when the automatic recurring payment failed or the subscription uses manual renewals
    • Change the Payment Method used for automatic recurring payments
    • Change Address for subscriptions which require shipping
    • Remove items from you subscription. 
    • Renew early 
    sub image 3 min

    Requirements for the Cancel Button to Display

    For the cancel button to be displayed:

    • the subscription must have been active for 60+ days
    • the subscription renewal period is not in 3 days

    Remove a Subscription Product

    If a subscription has more than one product line item, you can remove some or all but one of those items from the subscription. This allows customers to remove items they initially subscribed to but no longer wish to receive on each renewal.

    To remove an item, you should:

    1. Go to My Account  Subscriptions page.
    2. Select the View button next to the subscription they want to modify.
    3. Click the cross next to the product they want to remove.
    4. Click OK.

    After the item has been removed, the subscription’s totals are updated to remove the cost of that product.

    Change Address

    If want to have your products shipped to a different address, or you moved and need to update your billing address, you can change the addresses used for your subscriptions from the My Account page.

    There are two methods you can use to update your address:

    1. Update the shipping address for one subscription; or
    2. Update the shipping and/or billing addresses for all subscriptions
    change address button min

    Change Address on One Subscription

    To change the shipping address used for a single subscription, you need to:

    1. Go to their My Account > View Subscription page.
    2. Click the Change Address button next to the subscription.
    3. Enter the new address details in the form.
    4. Click Save Address.
    screenshot of how to change the address on an active subscription

    At the base of the edit address form, you are advised that both the shipping address used for this subscription and the default shipping address for future purchases are updated. However, the shipping address for other subscriptions is not changed.

    Screenshot of how billing and shipping addresses can be different

    Change the Address on All Subscriptions

    To change the address used for all subscriptions, you need to:

    1. Go to their My Account page.
    2. Select the Edit link next to the shipping or billing address.
    3. Enter the new address details in the form.
    4. Tick the checkbox: Update the address used for all of my active subscriptions (as seen in the screenshots above).
    5. Save Address.

    Change Payment Method

    The Change Payment Method button can be used to update the payment method for future recurring payments, e.g., When your credit card expires, or you wish to use a different credit card than the one currently on file.

    Change Recurring Payment Process

    To change the payment method used for a subscription, you can:

    1. Go to My Account > View Subscription page.
    2. Click the Change Payment button.
    3. Enter the new payment details on the Checkout page.
    4. (Optional): Click the Update the payment method used for all of my current subscriptionscheckbox to update all subscriptions.
    5. Submit the Checkout form and return to the My Account > View Subscription page.

    Requirements for Changing Payment

    It’s not always possible, or necessary to be able to change the recurring payment method on a subscription. As a result, the Change Payment Method button is only displayed if a subscription:

    • Has the status of active
    • Has at least one future automatic payment scheduled. There is no need to change a payment method if no payments will occur.


    If your subscription has expired or been canceled, you can create a new subscription with the same terms as the original subscription by resubscribing to the inactive subscription from the My Account > View Subscription page.

    Clicking the Resubscribe button takes you through the normal checkout process to pay for the subscription’s renewal. Once paid, a new subscription s created with the same billing terms as the original subscription.

    Resubscribing to an expired or been canceled subscription has a number of differences to purchasing the same subscription product from the product page, like not charging a sign-up fee again.

    Resubscribe Requirements

    • Expiredpending-cancellation or canceled status
    • At least one successful payment
    • A recurring total more than 0
    • Product line items that still exist
    • No product line items
    • Not already been resubscribed

    Account Payment Methods: Payment Method Management

    Saved payment methods can be managed from My Account > Payment Methods page. On this page, you can:

    • Set a default payment method for future transactions
    • Delete a payment method from your account
    • Add a new payment method to your account
    screenshot of change payment button
    screenshot of payment updated for all subscriptions

    Payment Method Management

    Deleting a saved payment method which is used for subscription payments would cause future renewal payments to fail because the payment method can no longer be used.

    To prevent this, Subscriptions will not allow you to delete payment methods which are used by active subscriptions unless:

    • You add another payment method; or
    • You have one other saved payment method

    If your account meets one of those criteria and deletes a payment method used by a subscription, the subscription will be automatically updated to use the alternative card, and will be notified of this after deleting the payment method.

    Adding Default Payment Method

    screenshot of a payment method being deleted

    After adding a new payment method, you may wish to then set this method as the default.  For example, perhaps the old payment method has expired and you would like to add a new payment method for both existing and future subscriptions.

    screenshot of default payment method

    Early Renewal

    If you would like to renew your subscription without waiting for the next payment date, that is now possible with the Early Renewal feature.

    Early Renewal Requirements

    Early renewal is available under these conditions:

    • Subscription must have an Active status

    Process an Early Renewal

    In order to process an early renewal:

    1. Go to My account > Subscriptions
    2. View chosen subscription
    3. In the first table, the Renew Now button will appear in the Actions row
    4. Click Renew now and complete checkout
    a screenshot of where the renew button would be on subscription page

    Next Payment Date After Early Renew

    After an early renewal is processed, the next payment date is extended to accommodate another billing period. For example, if a subscription renews monthly on the 15th and the next payment date is December 15th, then processing an early renewal on November 20th will move the next payment date to January 15th.

    Adding Subscription Products

    To add products to an existing subcription:

    • Make sure you are logged into your Extract Labs account and go to the product page you want to add
    • Hit “Subscribe and save 25%”
    • Under “Add to Cart” hit the checkmark that says “Add to an existing subscription”

    Price Changes

    If a product price changes an email may send that shows the price change to your subscription. 

    Please note that we reserve the right to alter the pricing of our subscriptions at any time and without prior notification. We cannot be held responsible for any changes in price and the absence of an email regarding such changes does not affect our ability to make modifications.

    subcsription price details
    Product Lab Reports
    For access to up-to-date laboratory reports in high-resolution PDF format that detail potency, residual solvents, and microbiology testing, please visit our batch database.
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