Incorporate a dose of hemp into your routine with our gummies, guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth!

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New Hemp Gummies | Immune Support

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New Hemp Gummies | Extra Strength

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Hemp Gummies | PM Formula

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Hemp Gummies | Blue Raspberry

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Hemp Gummies | Strawberry

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Hemp Gummies | Mixed Berry & Pink Lemonade

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Verified Buyer
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"Helps me relax at night, I take one before going to bed. Works great taste good."
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Verified Buyer
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"Best hemp products on the market. I take these every single day for work! Would recommend. Love the way cognitive support makes me feel."
Harikrishnan B.
Harikrishnan B.
Verified Buyer
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"Seriously. I don’t know the last time I had such a restful sleep… and my partner mentioned it made me snore less, too!"
Kiera C.
Kiera C.
Verified Buyer
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"Excellent gummy ! Very satisfied, especially for helping out to get some rest and relaxing when needed. I would recommend to anyone needing a little help."
Barbara S.
Barbara S.
Verified Buyer
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"Husband Loves these. He ate one before a job interview and it helped relieve anxiety and have a clear head to answer questions."


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Both Hemp Gummies and Hemp Softgels pack a powerful daily dose of hemp compounds, providing an alternative for those who do not like the taste or delivery method of hemp tinctures. They come in precise doses and are easy to take with you on the go. It just comes down to personal preference when choosing between gummies and softgels-- gummies can be split into smaller doses and will satisfy your sweet tooth, whereas the softgels are perfect for an easy addition to your pre-existing wellness routine.

Full Spectrum:

Full spectrum products contain all elements (i.e. terpenes and hemp compounds) of the hemp plant. Many users prefer full spectrum products, as they are often associated with the “entourage effect”—multiple hemp compounds working synergistically together.

Broad Spectrum:

Broad spectrum tends to be a popular favorite among users, as these products contain a variety of other hemp compounds. All broad spectrum products include a blend of the plant's naturally occurring compounds, but contain 0% psychoactive compounds.


Isolate refers to a singular hemp compound contained in a product. Isolate is completely THC-free and does not include any other cannabinoids or additional hemp compounds.

The method by which you consume or administer hemp compounds products can affect their bioavailability, which is how much of a substance enters the bloodstream in a given amount of time.


For example, vaporizing or sublingual consumption are great ways to ingest hemp, as they offer high bioavailability, meaning they will enter the bloodstream at a faster rate with short-lasting effects. On the other hand, oral consumption via capsules or edibles will enter the bloodstream at a slower rate with longer-lasting effects. Topicals offer the lowest bioavailability, as they are absorbed through the skin.


Understanding bioavailability can help you determine how much of a product you need to take, and in what form, to ensure a proper dose actually ends up in your system.

This term is used to describe the experience-based evidence where all of the components (hemp compounds, terpenes, etc.) in the plant work synergistically together in the body to create a balanced effect.


Take the same dose of gummies for 1-2 weeks:

After 1-2 weeks of dosing, how do you feel?

Not feeling desired results? Adjust as needed.

Repeat this process over time to dial in your perfect dose!

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Why Choose Extract Labs?


We are pioneers in the hemp industry, producing only the highest quality hemp products. Our state of the art facilities & modern processing equipment allow us to create unique products with specific hemp compounds no other companies can offer.


Each batch is third party lab tested, and tracked so you can find accurate lab results and check the expiration dates on ALL our hemp products.


We endlessly strive to provide the best customer service possible, and based on our 5 star reviews, we take pride in knowing we offer some of the best customer service in the industry.

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