Fetch - CBD For Pets

Fetch was created because we love our pets. CBD oils for dogs & cats are all too often overpriced, under-dosed, and untrustworthy. Fetch is here to provide you with the highest quality products, the best customer service, and the most competitive prices on the market!

Fetch - CBD For Pets
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What is Fetch CBD?

Fetch is our subsidiary brand that focuses exclusively on CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats. Extract Labs decided to launch Fetch when we saw the current state of the pet CBD market and realized just how much more we could be doing for our beloved furry friends. While there are many options for pet parents, they are often overpriced, under-dosed, and untrustworthy. We believe everyone should be able to try CBD for their pets and do so with an honest and transparent product that pet parents can believe in! When you purchase a bottle of Fetch CBD tincture, you are helping pets all over the country. Fetch regularly donates to animal shelters and rescue foundations. Fetch is also funding clinical research trials at Colorado University to study the effects of CBD on dogs!

Why is Fetch the best CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats?

Simple: quality, transparency, and customer service. Our team is focused on creating the highest quality CBD products at a price that is attainable for everyone. Fetch uses CO2 extraction to create a clean, full spectrum CBD oil. The only other ingredient is certified organic fractionated coconut oil. Accredited lab results provided online for each batch of tincture.

How do pets benefit from CBD use?

Numerous international studies suggest that CBD may be beneficial for pets with an array of issues that are more or less the same things humans try it out for. Our social media pages contain many success stories from happy Fetch animals! Recently, the FDA approved a drug that contains CBD for treating epilepsy, and anecdotal evidence suggests that dogs may also experience relief from similar disorders.

How much Fetch tincture should I give my pet?

Each bottle of Fetch CBD tincture will come with dosing printed right on the label by weight. Start with half a dose and work your way up to a full dose. The CBD dosage for dogs and cats depends on their weight. Use this chart below as a guide to properly dosing our CBD oil for your dog or cat. Fetch CBD Pet Dosage Chart

If the quality is so high, how are prices so low?

Simple, no middleman! Fetch works closely with local Colorado farmers and performs all extractions, refinements, and formulations in-house at our facility in Boulder, CO.

Submit your pet to be featured on our Fetch product labels!

Get your animal featured on a future Fetch label! Please submit a photo of your animal, their name, and their story! We want to hear about how old they are, their breed, and any stories you have about them! Submit Pet Photos Here