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Sid Marshall – Assistant Formulations Manager

2 minute read

Do you know that one coworker who just shows up and grinds? The person who is never the last one in the door or the first one out of it? The one you can find with a smile on their face, no matter how hard the day is? For us, that is Assistant Formulations Manager… Read More

Bioavailability CBD

CBD Bioavailability

3 minute read

Here in the wild wild west of CBD, new products materialize out of thin air at an astonishing rate. From CBD beverages to topicals, how do these different forms of CBD affect us, and how does the same amount of CBD from a cream affect us differently from a tincture? These questions can only be… Read More

Kelby Walsh – Extractor and Material Coordinator

2 minute read

Meet Kelby Walsh, Extractor and Material Coordinator. Kel comes to us from the Land of Lincoln, trading in corn stalks for mountain tops. He is what the folks of central Illinois would call “a good ol’ boy”; Never one to shy away from getting his hands dirty and always puts his whole heart (and back)… Read More

Best CBD Cream Model

The Best CBD Cream For Pain

3 minute read

More and more people are looking for natural ways to ease their aching joints and muscles. Managing pain topically, rather than relying on oral medication, solves two problems: 1) It goes directly onto the area that really hurts. 2) It avoids the potential side effects of ingesting a medication. Now that CBD has found its way… Read More

What is working in a hemp lab like? | Lab Life #1

4 minute read

One of the defining aspects that sets us apart from the herd is our lab. All our products are conceived of and brought to fruition in-house, and all other operations revolve around the innovation and excitement that emanates from the back of the building – just beyond the curtain – where the science of our… Read More

Ash Garcia

Ash Garcia – Brand Manager

2 minute read

Meet our resident Redcoat, Ash Garcia. Originally from the UK, Ash maintains her dual citizenship even though she has lived in Colorado for over a decade. Ash designs and updates packaging and labels for all our products. Her eye for design comes in handy when creating marketing materials, wholesale collateral, and advertising. In addition to… Read More

pure delta 8 thc from extract labs cbd company

What is Delta 8 THC?

5 minute read

Just when you thought that you were getting to the point of knowing everything in the wild world of CBD, we have a new cannabinoid to introduce you to! As an expert CBD consumer, you know that you need to verify that the product you’ve been eyeing contains <0.3% THC to be legal under the… Read More

What is CBN and What Does it Do?

4 minute read

In more ways than one, CBN is something of a “sleeper” cannabinoid. It’s far less popular than THC or CBD, and at the moment, it’s certainly less en vogue than terpenes. Often referred to as “the bedtime cannabinoid”, Cannabinol (CBN) is the piece of the cannabis puzzle responsible for making users feel like they are… Read More

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