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Minor cannabinoid CBN (cannabinol) is gaining considerable interest among researchers and consumers alike. We offer PM Formula CBN capsules, CBN chocolate and CBN isolate.

CBN Products
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What is CBN?

CBN is a minor hemp compound that is converted from THC that is broken down through heat and age. For this reason, there is very little CBN in young plants. Instead, it’s more abundant in plants that have been stored for longer periods of time. Even though CBN converts from THC, it does not have the same potent psychoactive properties. Interest in CBN is fairly new, so there is little research available. However, some consumers choose cannabinol for its sedative properties.* Our CBN products are made to the same high standard that our customers have come to expect from us.

CBN Softgels

Each bottle of our full spectrum PM softgels includes 30 capsules, each containing 10 milligrams of CBN and 30 milligrams of CBD.  Because cannabinoids are fat-soluble, our softgels are blended with organic coconut oil. Full spectrum products include less than 0.3 percent THC. Take up to two capsules per day, ideally closer to nighttime.*

CBN Chocolates

Peak Extract CBN chocolate bars infused with Extract Labs cannabinoids reinvented the midnight snack. The CBN bar includes 10 tasty squares. Each piece includes 7.8 milligrams of CBD and 2 milligrams of CBN. Made with 70 percent dark chocolate, Peak Extract bars are a decadent way to take your nightly dose of CBN.

CBN Isolate

Isolate is pure CBN that has a powder-like consistency. We offer CBN isolate by the gram or in bulk, ranging from 5 to 500 grams. Because the isolate is pure, it does not contain any other cannabinoids, including THC. Isolates are edible and blend easily into other tinctures or skincare products. Only a small amount of CBN isolate is necessary for a full dose.