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Relief! I bought the hemp tincture 500mg CBD oil. I have survived back to back battles with stage 3 breast cancers (triple negative and then her2 positive), chemo 2x, radiation, and double masectomy. Many complications and just plain chemo has left my body with a lot of deficits. Trying to get off the CV chemical pill train, my husband read this article in Air Force Times and we decided it was worth a shot (even on our limited income), and I’m so glad we did. I have replaced one whole bottle of heavy pharmaceuticals with this oil! Amazing! I feel less pain (neuropathy in extremities), all but curing my gastroparesis, and major changes in anxiety. I have never been so impressed with a medicine (yes that is what it is to me). Thank you for helping me in a way I cant even explain, you have lessened my tears of pain.
Sunny V.
Not only can finally sleep at night, but I can actually go out into public and to social events without feeling incapacitated.
300 seizures a day from a brain injury from a roadside bomb in Ramadi Iraq to less than 1 a week.
I’ve tried cbd oil 600mg and it helped with wrist and shoulder inflammation. The pain was so bad that I would just skip the gym. It helped with anxiety and headaches. I feel less stressed out. It puts me in a positive mood where I’m not over thinking everything.
I’ve been on cbd for 2 years now and it’s dramatically improved my life as I have multiple sclerosis, it’s gotten me off several pharmaceuticals yaaaaaaay!
My doctor has been unable to figure out the root cause of my ailments but several months ago he recommended that I take the most natural path possible and look into CBD oil. That’s when my friend introduced me to your product. I can’t rave enough about Extract Labs! I’ve seen such an improvement in my digestion, inflammation, anxiety, and depression. It feels like my overall well-being has done a complete 180!
Omg. CBD IS THE HOLY GRAIL FOR AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES!! There’s so many studies on different autoimmune issues and how Cbd helps it’s amazing and I’ve been taking it for two months now and have seen a huge improvement in so many ways and also with sleep and anxiety.
Dude you guys are amazing!! That was a super quick delivery. Your products on point too!! Really helps me with anxiety and insomnia. Keep up the great work!
I’ve tried your Blue Dream Crumble and this stuff is truly amazing. The taste is great and the relief I get from all my symptoms is a life changing experience and I can’t wait to get my life back on track…I have even gotten my dad to try it for his arthritis and he loves it too.
The first thing I noticed was how it improved my sleep drastically. Then I noticed things like how it would help with mood and headaches. I have been off of Advil and ibuprofen for 3 months with maybe one headache. I used to get them multiple times a week. I also have had 8 concussions and possibly more and I’m only 25. I have a huge risk of developing cte/dementia/Alzheimer’s and cbd is is showing promising results in treating these conditions and symptoms from concussions in general.
I was a new industrial hemp farmer here in Colorado and I didn’t have the network or resources for selling my crop. Extract Labs processed all my material, and then found buyers for all my oils and isolates. The money I made off last year’s crop has allowed me to triple this year’s crop. I’ve already committed my 2017 crop of over 40,000 pounds to Extract Labs. It has been a true pleasure working with such professionals in this industry.
Local Hemp Farmer

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