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Thank you guys for providing us with a quality product! I've been mixing your isolate in my everyday vape juice since July and have never had a complaint. I have undiagnosed rage issues and insomnia, both of which have been normalized and leveled off for months now. I'm a firm believer in your product, but the real reason I'm writing you is to tell you about my Daddy. He is a combat veteran and lives with severe PTSD and ongoing injuries from his time served overseas. Chronic neck and back pain, can't be around more than 4 people at once (including family), absolutely no crowds, he just has a hard time all around. He struggled with alcoholism and prescription substance abuse when he came home, but got clean in 2014 when my wife and I were expecting our first child. Since then, the shell shock has intensified, but he refuses to go back down the road of pills and booze because he is going to set a good example for my boy Jackson. This man is my Hero and watching him suffer without being able to provide any real help has been the most difficult thing I've had to experience. After seeing the positive turn that your CBD has created in my life, I finally convinced him to give it a try and I truly feel like it has been life changing for him! I see him almost daily and he is better now than he has been since 2009. He can pump his own gas and go inside the gas station to pay for it. Might not seem like much, but I know you'll understand. He is much more calm with my boy and can be the granddaddy that he wants to be. Truly life changing! Thank you a thousand times over!
Corey P
Eight months ago my father was diagnosed with cancer, and was continuing to get worse month after month. Five months ago we started using your extra strength tincture because of the high amounts of CBD (cannabidiol), and the crumble pen because of the high amounts of CBG (cannabigerol). Almost immediately we noticed improvements and last month the doctor told us that there is no longer any signs of cancer in his body. Thank you Extract Labs so much!! I cant say 100% that your products got rid of my fathers cancer, but I told the doctor what we were doing, and the Doctor agreed that your products may have attributed to my fathers success.
I have struggled with social anxiety my entire life. It was to the point where I would just avoid leaving my house as much as I possibly could. I was also working as an auto mechanic, mostly since it was a solitary job with minimal interaction with people. I found Extract Labs while looking into a CBD topical cream to help my garbage knees from the physical stress of the job. All I can say is WOW! The CBD muscle cream takes away all of my pain instantly, and lasts through most of the day. I have since started using their CBD crumble in a vape, and now feel much more at ease going out with my friends and family. Thank you Extract Labs! You guys rock!!! Customer for life!
Relief! I bought the hemp tincture 500mg CBD oil. I have survived back to back battles with stage 3 breast cancers (triple negative and then her2 positive), chemo 2x, radiation, and double masectomy. Many complications and just plain chemo has left my body with a lot of deficits. Trying to get off the CV chemical pill train, my husband read this article in Air Force Times and we decided it was worth a shot (even on our limited income), and I’m so glad we did. I have replaced one whole bottle of heavy pharmaceuticals with this oil! Amazing! I feel less pain (neuropathy in extremities), all but curing my gastroparesis, and major changes in anxiety. I have never been so impressed with a medicine (yes that is what it is to me). Thank you for helping me in a way I cant even explain, you have lessened my tears of pain.
Sunny V.
Not only can finally sleep at night, but I can actually go out into public and to social events without feeling incapacitated.
300 seizures a day from a brain injury from a roadside bomb in Ramadi Iraq to less than 1 a week.
I’ve tried cbd oil 600mg and it helped with wrist and shoulder inflammation. The pain was so bad that I would just skip the gym. It helped with anxiety and headaches. I feel less stressed out. It puts me in a positive mood where I’m not over thinking everything.
I’ve been on cbd for 2 years now and it’s dramatically improved my life as I have multiple sclerosis, it’s gotten me off several pharmaceuticals yaaaaaaay!
My doctor has been unable to figure out the root cause of my ailments but several months ago he recommended that I take the most natural path possible and look into CBD oil. That’s when my friend introduced me to your product. I can’t rave enough about Extract Labs! I’ve seen such an improvement in my digestion, inflammation, anxiety, and depression. It feels like my overall well-being has done a complete 180!
I love everything! The muscle cream has saved my mind. Any headache is gone within minutes and I love the smell. I also use the body cream as a face cream and love the way my skin feels!
Extract Labs CBD Muscle Cream has low-key reached cult status in the chronic pain community.
After trying other brands first without the best of luck, we found Extract Labs tincture to be the best out there. We also use the muscle cream. The products are excellent and customer service is amazing. We will only buy Extract Labs products for our CBD needs.
Brenda P
I'm always hesitant to order stuff online so I'm going to write a review for anyone on the fence. First, the website is super easy and user friendly. The chat links to a knowledgeable person. I was able to order with confidence after chatting. I ordered 2 crumble strains. Within 2 days, my order was delivered. I was provided a tracking number which I love. I have been struggling with uncontrolled chronic pain and with it, an inability to participate in life the way I always have. I began physical therapy but was struggling to do the prescribed movements and exercises due to pain. On a whim, I tried tincture from my local (unrelated and overpriced) shop. I felt some relief after a couple hours and used the whole bottle. Began feeling like myself again and was able to participate in my physical therapy plan. I was researching heavily while doing the tinctures and came across this site. Spent 3 days reading through everything here and the Facebook page. I chatted and finally ordered the crumble. While tincture helped some of my pain, crumble has completely changed the game and I will continue to order the crumble from extract labs. I see no need to shop around after trying it. The people who are running this company are top notch and the quality is here. Just my take and I am an incredibly picky consumer.
Nicole G
I like the mango flavor... So far it seems to help me sleep 🙂
Omg. CBD IS THE HOLY GRAIL FOR AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES!! There’s so many studies on different autoimmune issues and how Cbd helps it’s amazing and I’ve been taking it for two months now and have seen a huge improvement in so many ways and also with sleep and anxiety.
I purchased your Mango Hemp Tincture in 1000MG at Mai Kia Tea Livingroom in Blairsville, GA and I’ve been able to sleep without the awful prescriptions that I was taking. I use ⅓ a dropper for peaceful, uninterrupted sleep and also for anxiety as needed and it’s been a life changer! Thank you!
Dude you guys are amazing!! That was a super quick delivery. Your products on point too!! Really helps me with anxiety and insomnia. Keep up the great work!
I’ve tried your Blue Dream Crumble and this stuff is truly amazing. The taste is great and the relief I get from all my symptoms is a life changing experience and I can’t wait to get my life back on track…I have even gotten my dad to try it for his arthritis and he loves it too.
The first thing I noticed was how it improved my sleep drastically. Then I noticed things like how it would help with mood and headaches. I have been off of Advil and ibuprofen for 3 months with maybe one headache. I used to get them multiple times a week. I also have had 8 concussions and possibly more and I’m only 25. I have a huge risk of developing cte/dementia/Alzheimer’s and cbd is is showing promising results in treating these conditions and symptoms from concussions in general.
I was a new industrial hemp farmer here in Colorado and I didn’t have the network or resources for selling my crop. Extract Labs processed all my material, and then found buyers for all my oils and isolates. The money I made off last year’s crop has allowed me to triple this year’s crop. I’ve already committed my 2017 crop of over 40,000 pounds to Extract Labs. It has been a true pleasure working with such professionals in this industry.
Local Hemp Farmer
Ive tried a lot of cbd and this company is the only ones that promise potency. I stopped believing in cbd until i found extract labs. I really appreciate their time.
I cant say enough good things about this company, your product, (isolate) and your shipping!!! I wont be ordering from anywhere else ever!!! Thanks, keep up the great work!!

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