Deep CBD Bath Bomb

$16.00 or subscribe and save 15%

Deep CBD Bath Bomb

$16.00 or subscribe and save 15%

The Deep CBD bath bomb was crafted to ease tension and relieve discomfort. The mix includes a blend of 9 soothing essential oils, aloe essence, and blue cornflower, with a deep-blue lapis lazuli stone. Contains 100mg of CBD isolate.



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Vital You bath bombs are made with a proprietary base of baking soda, critic acid, Epsom salts, and other ingredients. Each includes a curated mix of wild herbs, botanicals, essential oil blends, CBD isolate and an intention-setting gemstone. Some bombs include natural colorings, but they will not stain your tub.

Suggested Use

Keep the bomb inside the mesh “tea bag” as a way to reduce clean-up time. Drop the entire bomb in a warm tub and enjoy. 

About Vital You

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Vital You bath bombs are handcrafted in small batchesno more than 16 at a time. Owner and creator, Jenna Switzer was trained in herbal and holistic medicine. She first made the bombs to help soothe her endometriosis pain and realized if they could help her, they could help others too. The Vital You team utilizes organic and local ingredients whenever possible. They even hand-pick herbs themselves at times. The botanicals, oils, herbs and gemstones work toward a specific purpose. They include CBD isolate as an additional synergistic ingredient, rather than a standalone item, to maximize the healing intention of each product. Read more about CBD infused bath bombs on our blog.