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Our Full Spectrum, CBD Rich Body Care products are made with a combination of simple, certified organic ingredients that are gently whipped together to preserve their natural properties, instead of traditional heating methods.

Our topicals are intended for external use only.

CBD Topicals
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How to Use CBD Topicals

We've put together a CBD Topicals user guide that you can read here: CBD Topicals User Guide

Extract Labs CBD Muscle Cream

Our CBD Muscle Cream is an invigorating, CBD-rich blend of organic ingredients that includes jojoba, beeswax, rosemary, lavender, arnica, menthol, and shea butter. Key ingredients of the Muscle Cream (aside from the CBD of course!) are menthol and arnica. The menthol will give the cream an icy cooling sensation when applied. This can help to sooth aches and pains, especially after an intense workout or a day of pushing your body to the limits. The Muscle Cream also contains arnica, which is a homeopathic remedy for inflammation. Whether you are looking to help arthritis in your hands or soothe your aching feet after a day of hard work, the arnica in our muscle cream will help to give an extra edge over discomfort and swelling. Our muscle cream is a fan favorite, trusted by members of the military, performance athletes, medical professionals, and law enforcement officers to people looking for help with arthritis, sore joints, and bodies that never stop aching. BuzzFeed even said “Extract Labs CBD Muscle Cream has low-key reached cult status in the chronic pain community”

Extract Labs CBD Face Cream

Our CBD Face Cream contains the same 6 base ingredients as the Muscle Cream, however it does not contain menthol or arnica. The Face Cream is high in CBD, which acts as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, but gentle enough to use as a daily moisturizer. Here is a pro tip we received from a customer, and like to share for the Face Cream: She had troubles falling asleep at night, and often experienced migraines in the evening from the stress of her job. She contacted us to inform us that she applies some of our face cream to her temples and the base of her neck, and in her personal experience, she is able to go right to bed with no troubles!

Extract Labs CBD Lip Balm

This CBD Lip Balm is one of a kind, proudly produced in the Bluegrass State! This is our first product to be produced by Extract Labs Kentucky, located in Louisville. Weighing in at .5oz, this lip balm is about 3 times bigger than most lip balms. Extract Labs Lip Balm contains 200mg of CBD, CO2 extracted from Kentucky-grown hemp! The balm gets it’s refreshing flavor from peppermint oil. While it may be wrapped in digital camo, this balm is sure to stand out as your favorite!