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Our terpene infused, CO2-extracted broad spectrum CBD Crumble contains high levels of CBG, CBN & other cannabinoids for a strong entourage effect.

CBD Crumble
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CBD Crumble Effects

Crumble is a CBD wax that is meant for dabbing. It’s known for its strong, fast-acting effects due to the high bioavailability of vapeable products; cannabinoids enter the bloodstream quickly, directly through the lungs. But how exactly does crumble make you feel? Cannabis science is now looking at terpenes as what determines the effects of a strain. Also, terpenes add flavor and aroma. It’s why all of our concentrates are re-infused with cannabis-derived terpenes Our concentrate line consistently rotates because we are always experimenting with new strains to keep our inventory fresh. (We do continually carry anchor products such as Blue Dream crumble.) To understand the effects of each strain, you will want to check out the product’s terpene content, which is labeled on the box and listed online. While everyone is different, it’s likely the effects come from the dominant terpene of a strain. Here is a list of the major players and what they are known to do.  
  • Myrcene: a relaxing anti-inflammatory that is beneficial for pain relief
  • Limonene: Known for its leveling mental health benefits and as an anti-bacterial
  • Caryophyllene: The largest of all terpenes, it is also an anti-inflammatory that may be beneficial for digestive health, mental health, and pain relief.
  • Linalool: Commonly found in lavender, a mellowing terpene known to calm anxiety and can potentially slow cancer cell growth. 
  • A-pinene: An energy-boosting terpene that may enhance memory and focus, as well as a gastroprotective and anti-inflammatory. 
Just know that because crumble is so concentrated, effects from concentrates are much stronger than other forms of CBD.

CBD Crumble vs. Shatter

CBD crumble and shatter are considered wax concentrates. The main difference is crumble is made with distillate, and shatter is made with isolate. Isolate contains one compound only; no other cannabinoids are present in the extraction. With distillate, there is a minor amount of additional cannabinoids in the extraction, which is why it is considered a broad spectrum product. Furthermore, crumble and shatter are both named for their consistency. Crumble is crumbly, while shatter is more breakable and flaky. Both are THC free. 

How to Use CBD Crumble

The best way to use crumble is via a dab pen. We have detailed how to use a dab rig on our crumble user guide. But you can also melt the concentrate down with other oils to add to food or drinks, making the flavor. This is particularly useful if you have an aging crumble that may be losing its flavor. 

Can I Eat CBD Crumble?

It may not be the best way to consume crumble, but yes, you can safely eat crumble. Crumble has already been decarbed. Decaboxilization heats the extract to eliminate the molecules’ acidic tail, thus making the extraction safe for consumption. Rather than eating raw crumble, we suggest melting it into another cooking oil to add to dishes and drinks.