Subscription Policy

Our CBD subscription program is designed to bring balance, wellness, and convenience to your everyday life. Learn more about our subscription here or read our policy below:

When choosing a subscription product option, you approve of us auto-billing your credit card at certain intervals in the future as you deem fit. Through your subscription page, you are not able to turn on and off automatic renewals.


To pause a subscription, please reach out to a customer support representative. Subscription pauses can be made if it is 4 days before the renewal date, but if the subscription date is within 3 days you will be charged. Subscriptions can be paused for 1 or 2 months, after which billing will resume. 


We accept early renewals, where customers can renew their subscriptions before the next payment date.

You have the ability to control all of your subscriptions from your My Account page:

My Account


We also have a guide on how to manage your subscriptions:

Subscription Management Guide


And if you're ever in any trouble don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for subscription assistance!

Only products may be added to a subscription plans, full cart content cannot.


Payment for the subscription must be made at the time of checkout.


No suspensions of your account are allowed, if you have concerns about pausing or cancelling a subscription, please contact our customer support team. 


You may combine product subscriptions in the same transaction.


If a subscription payment fails, an automatic retry of the failed recurring payment will occur.

You may cancel your subscription 60 days from the start date.


Your subscription may not be cancelled 3 days prior to the subscription renewal date

See return policy here


If you feel you've recieved the incorrect subscription product please contact a customer support representative.

There are no refunds for subscriptions already processsed or 3 days before subscription billing period. If you were falsy charged, please reach out to a customer support representative.

7 day unopened unused 


25% restocking fee


Please see our return policy for more information 

No exhcanges are accepted with the subscription policy. Product changes for subscriptions need to be make prior to 3 days before billing period.


Reach out to customer support respresentative if there is an issue changing out your subscription product. 

If a product price changes, the new price of the product will be displayed on your subscription and you will be notified before the subscription due date for any price changes.


You are allowed to cancel a subscription for one product if you are subscribed to 2 or more products through the "my account page". To add more products to your subscription see our subscription guide. 

*Changes to this policy can be made at anytime, for any reason, and without any notice by Extract Labs.

Last updated 5/28/2024

New Arrival! Energy THCV Gummies

New Arrival! Energy THCV Gummies
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