cbd and cbg tincture pictured side by side, sitting on a rock with a pine tree in the bacckground

CBD or CBG for Anxiety?

5 minute read

The fledgling hemp industry changes each day. The science improves, laws shift, and brands are coming out with new products and cannabinoids. The fast growth and limitless options have caused a little confusion among consumers.  To narrow it down, this post explores whether to try CBD or CBG for anxiety.  Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut answer… Read More

a birds eye view of Extract labs new tincture, isolate and capsule packaging on a wood background

Same Great CBD in a Stylish New Package

2 minute read

We pride ourselves on offering premium, potent extractions. We thought our packaging should represent what’s on the inside, so we revamped our look!  “We often talk about how Extract Labs started in my garage,” said CEO Craig Henderson. “I’m proud of that scrappy get-things-done mentality, but the entire hemp industry is growing up, and we… Read More

an image of marathon runners from the chest down, running on a paved street

Extract Labs Sponsors the First Large-scale Boulder Marathon

3 minute read

As soon as you see the craggy Flatirons heading west on Highway 93, you’ve crossed over into a running utopia full of shortie-shorts and sinewy muscles. Boulder is home to one of the more serious running communities in the country. The outdoor mecca’s easy access to challenging trails has lured in Olympians and recreationalists alike…. Read More

a picture of a yellow lab licking a plastic tincture dropper full of CBD oil

Nevada Allows CBD Treatment for Pets

3 minute read

Nevada is the first state to legalize CBD for pets treatment.  Now that cannabidiol is a legitimate veterinary therapy, animal doctors can prescribe CBD without fear of disciplinary action from the state licensing board. Before the bill, it was unclear whether veterinarians could prescribe CBD products, so many avoided it altogether.  The bill’s sponsor, state… Read More

an image of a man's right upturned hand holding CBG capsules

CBG Products You Need to Try

5 minute read

Cannabigerol is a special molecule that eventually transforms into all other cannabinoids as hemp plants mature. This unique quality is why CBG is a sought-after extraction. Just like CBD, CBG products come in different forms, each with its unique benefits and uses. What are CBG Products? CBG products are similar to CBD products. The only… Read More

an image of an opaque CBG molecule over a picture of an aerial view of young hemp plat in a terracotta pot

The Benefits of CBG Oil

5 minute read

Cannabis is nature’s gift that keeps on giving. New cannabinoids continue to surface as researchers unlock the hidden powers of hemp. Many CBG benefits are similar to CBD’s, which is why it may be the most notable new player. But cannabigerol is a rare cannabinoid in more ways than one. It’s less prevalent than CBD… Read More

How CBD Helped A Recovering Addict With Lyme Disease

6 minute read

“Where I am sitting right now, I can see people sitting and injecting drugs,” says Andrew Warner from his stuffy car in New Hampshire. It’s raining outside, and Warner, 46, is taking a break from his workday as a community health coordinator at Better Life Partners and the creator of the city’s volunteer-based needle exchange… Read More

A woman's hand holding a blank labeled tincture bottle over a plate of flowers

What Is the Best (and Worst) Way To Take a CBD Tincture

7 minute read

Tinctures are traditional CBD products that work as an ingestible and as a topical. Many people who have never tried CBD or other cannabinoids often test the waters with tinctures because they are approachable and versatile. But how versatile? While there is plenty of opportunity to get creative with hemp oil, there are mistakes you’ll… Read More

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