A closeup of a woman sleeping on a leather couch

All About CBN Cannabinoids

2 minute read

Cannabinol is another cannabinoid taking up space on the shelves with CBG, CBC and CBD. But this one is a YAWN. Not because it’s boring, though—because many people reach for CBN for better sleep.  Since we recently released new CBN gummies, we thought we’d investigate the drowsy little molecule a bit more. CBN Effects There… Read More

an aerial view of a young hemp plant in a purple pot

What is CBG?

4 minute read

Cannabigerol, or CBG, is a cannabinoid that functions a lot like CBD, but it is far less abundant in hemp.  CBG’s scarcity makes it harder to extract and thus more difficult (and more expensive) for consumers to find, but it’s becoming more well-known.  With nicknames like “the mother cannabinoid” and “the stem cell of cannabinoids,”… Read More

sliced strawberries and banana and hemp flower

Extract Labs’ CBD Crumble and CBD Shatter Flavors

4 minute read

This month released our new CBD shatter and CBD crumble line infused with cannabis terpenes. Hemp-extracted terpenes maintain the whole-plant mentality held by the cannabis community—the idea that CBD extracts yield more benefits with the support of other natural plant compounds, aka the entourage effect. But terpenes, the molecules associated with flavor and aroma, play… Read More

A man with tattooed knuckles holding Extract labs coffee cup full of black coffee and Bearded Man K cups

Father’s Day CBD Gift Guide

3 minute read

Dads are notoriously difficult to shop for, but luckily CBD in its many forms suites a variety of interests and lifestyles. If you’re looking for an eleventh-hour Father’s Day gift, these CBD products make a worthy present for any dad. A Heavy Duty Topical CBD Muscle Cream If you have a handy dad or an… Read More

Extract Labs Cannabis-derived concentrates

CBD Shatter and Crumble Guide

5 minute read

Cannabis concentrates are rooted in the ancient Turkish hashish tradition, but they didn’t become a staple in the cannabis world until 10 or so years ago. The word concentrates is an umbrella term for variations such as wax, crumble, shatter and others. These powerful oils or isolates are typically dabbed, the smoking method that is… Read More

cbg clone seedling in soil

CBD vs CBG: The Differences

5 minute read

CBG, or cannabigerol, is the latest cannabinoid (other than CBD and THC) to attract attention. CBG and CBD are thought to have many similarities—they both interact with the endocannabinoid system and are thought to have a multitude of benefits. But CBG is is more abundant in young plants, where CBD is prevalent in adult hemp. … Read More

What Does Full Spectrum CBD Mean

What Does Full Spectrum CBD Oil Mean?

5 minute read

What do the terms parallel-path, value-add, and future-proof all have in common? They are all forms of corporate-speak that nobody outside the boardroom understands. Similarly, CBD labels include terminology that leaves many in a state of bewilderment.   Hemp is still an emerging industry, so commonly used descriptors are not yet commonplace among consumers. People… Read More

CBD distillation setup with CBD distillate

What Is Distillate and How Do I Use It?

4 minute read

Distillates are, in essence, cannabis extracts that have been purified and processed to separate the cannabinoids, such as CBD and CBC, into precise amounts. They’re made from cannabis extracts that have been winterized, decarboxylated, and then distilled. The process typically starts with crude oil extraction, which is any process where the cannabinoids are separated from… Read More

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