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How Much CBD Should I Take?

It is a common practice in following FDA regulation of CBD products and companies to not make specific recommendations in terms of dosage, frequency of use, and routines surrounding
the consumption of products. In keeping with this, we will not make any hard-lined suggestions or assert that any practice, method of consumption, or routine associated with our products is
better or healthier. Instead, we will share common practices among patients who do use our
products and products like ours. As always, we encourage individual discovery, experimentation and perhaps even consultation with friends and associates who consume CBD regularly. You may learn a lot about what the benefits are from their anecdotal evidence. The wellness/health impact knowledge-base has grown amongst CBD users and researchers and it’s no shock to us!

CBD is at its most effective when consumed on a daily basis. Routine users tend to suggest that once in the morning and once before bed is a best practice. With that in mind, there are so many factors to consider when establishing your routine and dosage. These factors include
weight/body type, tolerance (depending on your usage-history), and the issue that you are hoping to address through the usage of CBD.

For example, if you are hoping to utilize CBD as an effective sleep aid, it would do well to
consider consuming your product before bed. Peer-reviewed research has suggested that
patients suffering from anxiety-induced insomnia and other mental health + sleep related
disorders may experience benefits when consuming CBD products.

Perfection from Experimentation

When it comes to dosage, it is harder to find deeply researched assertions based on the actual concentration of CBD that is recommended based on the discomfort/pain that a consumer is experiencing. However, there are websites which share recommended dosages based on weight-groups and the desired effect level. Some suggestions for consumers with a larger body-type may consider up to 45mg of CBD in order to experience strong effects. On the other hand, an individual with a smaller body-type may consider as little as 15mg for a similarly strong effect. For all of our products, we typically recommend start with 33mg per day and adjusting your daily dosage up or down as needed from there. 

Again, we’d like to emphasize that one of the most important considerations in the consumption of CBD products is the individual experience. We all have the same cannabinoid receptors
which interact with CBD, but our brains and bodies are prone to different levels of response. It is crucial that you establish best practices for yourself in your consumption of CBD products. While we encourage you to do your research, we also advocate attention paid to effects during
personal experimentation — you may find that you will discover personal routines that will
maximize the benefit of your CBD usage.

Still need advice?

Extract Labs is a forerunner in the CBD extraction industry, and we pride ourselves on the
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