JP, a 15-year-old with autism, smiling in a black and white image of him in the woods

JP’s Story Using CBD for Autism-related Anxiety

4 minute read

We are always proud to see plant-based wellness help others in our customer reviews. But our hearts lit up when Andrea Beam recently shared an Instagram story about her son JP, a  15-year-old kid with ADHD and autism, who struggles with high anxiety.  “I always planned to take JP off medication when puberty hit. Thankfully,… Read More

Owner of Vital You, Jenna Switzer, making a CBD isolate bath bomb

Vital You’s CBD Isolate Bath Bombs

4 minute read

A walk through the long, narrow Vital You space fills your nostrils with a field of wildflowers and zingy bath salts. Strings of eucalyptus dry all around the building. There are shelves full of CBD isolate, along with containers of lavender, rose petal and other herbs waiting to unleash their pleasant floral aromas into the… Read More

An old golden retriever wearing an American flag bandana, laying in a field

CBD for Dogs with Anxiety

5 minute read

The Fourth of July is a fun holiday for most humans filled with beer and bbq. But for dogs, it can be a day of terror. More dogs go missing on July 4 than any other time of the year because loud popping and cracking fireworks frighten around 25 percent of dogs. Some may get… Read More

CBD Rescue Rub

All About CBD Topicals

3 minute read

We recently teamed up with Portland company Peak Extracts to develop luxury CBD chocolate bars. Now the ladies at Peak ventured from the edible world into the topical territory to create new CBD lotions made with Extract Labs oils that are as potent and high-end as their other products.  Peak Extract’s founder, Katie Stem started… Read More

CBD for Gut Health

The Endocannabinoid System and Gut Health

3 minute read

Living inside each of our guts is a micro world as diverse and abundant as an ocean reef or city metropolis. Innumerable helpful bacteria, fungi, and viruses make up our microbiome that promotes our overall well-being by breaking down food and capturing beneficial nutrients for our bodies to absorb. In addition to helpful bacteria, there… Read More

Does CBD Work for Pain?

3 minute read

Cannabidiol (CBD) has broad therapeutic value for anxiety, seizures, skin issues, and sleep. But many people, from athletes in their prime to older people struggling with arthritis, look to CBD for another reason altogether: to alleviate pain.  An abundance of anecdotal evidence showing the effectiveness of CBD for pain gives weight to the cannabinoid’s power…. Read More

Best CBD Cream Model

The Best CBD Cream For Pain

3 minute read

More and more people are looking for natural ways to ease their aching joints and muscles. Managing pain topically, rather than relying on oral medication, solves two problems: 1) It goes directly onto the area that really hurts. 2) It avoids the potential side effects of ingesting a medication. Now that CBD has found its way… Read More

CBD Time

How Long Do The Effects of CBD Last?

3 minute read

A number of factors should be taken into account when attempting to answer the question: how long does CBD and its effects last? Of course, the single most important variable being that everybody(body) is unique, and only through personal experimentation can one best determine this answer. 3 Factors to consider CBD Dose CBD Product Experience… Read More

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