an American flag on a flag pole, billowing in the wind with a cloudy sky in the background.

Veterans Talk About CBD

2 minute read

As a veteran-owned company, we try to do our part in supporting those who have served our country. Witnessing cannabis help vets with pain and anxiety was the fuel that got Extract Labs up and running. To acknowledge the holiday, we sent out a survey to our military member subscribers to learn more about their… Read More

an black and white portrait of Bearded Man Coffee founder Landon Harmon holding an ax across his back while in the woods. He's wearing a flannel shirt and black beanine

Bearded Man’s Good Values and Delicious CBD Coffee

4 minute read

Bearded Man Coffee co-founder Landon Harmon (pictured above) wanted to give everyone a slice of the peace he feels sipping his first cup of the day on his back patio in the wooded Black Forest of Sedalia, Colorado. “Every time someone drinks a cup of our coffee, my goal is for people to think what… Read More

a center shot of a woman crossing the finish line at Boulderthon

Thank You Boulderthon!

2 minute read

Thank you to everyone who came out to the first-ever Boulderthon full and half marathon. CBD is changing the face of athletics recovery and training, so we feel deeply grateful to be the presenting sponsor for the inaugural event in Boulder, where Extract Labs planted its roots. Over 2,000 people participated in the race that… Read More

an image of marathon runners from the chest down, running on a paved street

Extract Labs Sponsors the First Large-scale Boulder Marathon

3 minute read

As soon as you see the craggy Flatirons heading west on Highway 93, you’ve crossed over into a running utopia full of shortie-shorts and sinewy muscles. Boulder is home to one of the more serious running communities in the country. The outdoor mecca’s easy access to challenging trails has lured in Olympians and recreationalists alike…. Read More

How CBD Helped A Recovering Addict With Lyme Disease

6 minute read

“Where I am sitting right now, I can see people sitting and injecting drugs,” says Andrew Warner from his stuffy car in New Hampshire. It’s raining outside, and Warner, 46, is taking a break from his workday as a community health coordinator at Better Life Partners and the creator of the city’s volunteer-based needle exchange… Read More

A portrait of Matt Monteverde, a former military member and police officer, wearing a shirt that says front toward enemy, glasses and a camo trucker hat.

How a Hero Healed with Hemp

4 minute read

Matt Monteverde’s new career as a new home salesman in New Braunfels, Texas, is a mild existence compared to his time on the Arizona police force.  “Oh god, what did I not do during my law enforcement career,” Monteverde said.  He started as a patrolman, spent 13 years on the regional swat team, and was… Read More

A faded image of a farmer planting hemp overlaid by text that says Celebrating National CBD day

Celebrating National CBD Day with Your Stories

5 minute read

August 8 is National CBD Day! To celebrate, we wanted to hear your stories. Every day we hear feedback from people who’ve been positively impacted by CBD. But we wanted to learn more, so we sent out a survey to see just how CBD has impacted your lives. Cannabinol can affect the body and mind,… Read More

JP, a 15-year-old with autism, smiling in a black and white image of him in the woods

JP’s Story Using CBD for Autism-related Anxiety

4 minute read

We are always proud to see plant-based wellness help others in our customer reviews. But our hearts lit up when Andrea Beam recently shared an Instagram story about her son JP, a  15-year-old kid with ADHD and autism, who struggles with high anxiety.  “I always planned to take JP off medication when puberty hit. Thankfully,… Read More

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