Mother's Day

Mother’s Day CBD Gift Guide

4 minute read

Moms do a lot for us. They give us undeserved compliments, take care of us when we are sick, oh and let’s not forget, give birth to us in the first place! They deserve more than a grocery store card for Mother’s Day! CBD’s many forms—from CBD oil to CBD creams—make a lovely gift for… Read More

cbg clone seedling in soil

CBD vs CBG: The Differences

4 minute read

You can’t avoid the ubiquity of CBD these days. CBD is not only dominating the wellness space, but it shows up in negroni cocktails, sprinkled on chefs’ gourmet dishes, or in your pet’s favorite treat. With that in mind, it’s hard to believe that another three little letters are beginning to steal the spotlight. CBG,… Read More

What Does Full Spectrum CBD Mean

What Does Full Spectrum CBD Oil Mean?

4 minute read

What do the terms parallel-path, value-add, and future-proof all have in common? They are all forms of corporate-speak that nobody outside the boardroom understands. Similarly, CBD labels include terminology that leave many in a state of bewilderment.   Hemp is still an emerging industry, so commonly used descriptors are not yet commonplace among consumers. People who… Read More

CBD distillation setup with CBD distillate

What Is Distillate and How Do I Use It?

4 minute read

Distillates are, in essence, cannabis extracts that have been purified and processed to separate the cannabinoids, such as CBD and CBC, into precise amounts. They’re made from cannabis extracts that have been winterized, decarboxylated, and then distilled. The process typically starts with crude oil extraction, which is any process where the cannabinoids are separated from… Read More

CBD Holiday Gift Guide

2020 CBD Gift Guide

2 minute read

I recall my grandmother in the mid-90’s saying, “what’s all this dot com business about…?” and while she’s no longer with us, I can just as easily hear her saying the same with “CBD” today. CBD is firmly established as a leading wellness trend – and for good reasons – as so many people have… Read More

What is CBC and what does it do?

2 minute read

By now you’re probably familiar with cannabinoids, especially the most common ones, THC and CBD. But you likely haven’t heard of cannabichromene, also known as CBC. Discovered over 50 years ago, CBC is considered one of the “big six” cannabinoids prominent in medical research. It doesn’t get as much attention, but CBC’s benefits are extremely… Read More

Bioavailability CBD

CBD Bioavailability

3 minute read

Here in the wild wild west of CBD, new products materialize out of thin air at an astonishing rate. From CBD beverages to topicals, how do these different forms of CBD affect us, and how does the same amount of CBD from a cream affect us differently from a tincture? These questions can only be… Read More

pure delta 8 thc from extract labs cbd company

What is Delta 8 THC?

4 minute read

Just when you thought that you were getting to the point of knowing everything in the wild world of CBD, we have a new cannabinoid to introduce you to! As an expert CBD consumer, you know that you need to verify that the product you’ve been eyeing contains <0.3% THC to be legal under the… Read More

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