Close up of elite gymnast Simone Biles in her gymnastics uniform

CBD on the World Stage: Cannabis and Sports

4 minute read

Olympic athletes are familiar with intense health routines. Biohacking, cryogenic chambers and extreme diets may give them a hair’s length advantage that means the difference between gold and silver. In the U.S. and other parts of the globe, social acceptance of cannabis has made its way onto the field and into locker rooms as many… Read More

a bunch of cannabis plant leaves

Draft Bill for Full Federal Cannabis Legalization has Arrived

2 minute read

The time for federally legal marijuana has come. Yesterday, Senate Democrats released a draft bill for sweeping marijuana reform, The Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act, and Nancy Reagan is rolling in her grave.  Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon, and Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey presented the changes. The proposal… Read More

a cannabis leaf in a Petri dish with beakers and other scientific glass on backlit tables

How Cannabis Labs Flunked the THC Test

5 minute read

The legal marijuana industry sold over $17 billion in 2020. For reference, the craft beer industry made around $22 billion and the vape e-cig market is worth around $7 billion. Suffice it to say, that’s a $h!t ton of money for a fledgling industry still deemed illegal on a federal level. While plenty of marijuana… Read More

Rob Gronkowski is an outspoken supporter or cannabis. Gronk on the field in a Tampa Bay uniform

NFL Funds CBD for Pain Research

2 minute read

In early June, the NFL’s pain management committee announced a $1 million grant to fund cannabinoid and CBD for pain research. The announcement shows the NFL’s evolution in thinking about cannabis.  Until last year, the league, which isn’t known for its progressive views, suspended players who tested positive for THC. The NFL ratified a labor agreement… Read More

Project CBD founder Martin Lee

A Conversation about Cannabidiol with Project CBD Founder

6 minute read

Martin Lee is uniquely qualified to talk about CBD. He’s been writing about cannabis since the 90s when the marijuana landscape was more volatile and violent. He saw California cops beat on patients in wheelchairs for possession of legal medical cannabis after the passing of Prop 215 in 1996. The injustice inspired him to explore… Read More

Cris Cyborg in action

Cris Cyborg Defends Her Title (With Help from CBD)

3 minute read

Cris “Cyborg” Justino is arguably the greatest woman fighter of all time. Anyone who disagrees should look at her abs. Just glancing at her muscles will straight arm bar your eyes into submission. The singular Grand Slam Champion, Cyborg is the only athlete—male or female—to win a world championship belt in all four top mixed… Read More

The Hemp Industry’s Green Approach to Growing Cannabis

4 minute read

Weed culture is linked to the image of earthy types who prefer bare feet to Nikes and black bean burgers to bison bacon burgers. But headlines over the past few years show the environmental impact of the marijuana industry isn’t as green as the stereotype would have us believe. A recent study by Colorado State… Read More

strawberries with a gram of cbd isolate from extract labs

Study shows CBD extends shelf life of strawberries

2 minute read

CBD has been shown to help with a dizzying array of human wellness issues—but now you can add fruit preservation to that list, according to a recent study. Yes, the non-intoxicating cannabinoid apparently helps strawberries stay fresh, researchers at the University of South Florida found. Extract Labs proudly supplied CBD Isolate to USF in Tampa… Read More

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