landscape portrait of Leah Lakstins, founder of Austin-based hemp tour company

What it Takes to Run a Successful CBD Business

3 minute read

While the CBD industry has grown exponentially in its first few years, many consumers are unaware of CBD basics. Terminology like broad spectrum, full spectrum, isolate, and winterization sounds like dry textbook glossary terms that don’t give any clues to what they mean.  “I see so many bottles that say CO2-extracted. Literally, nobody cares,” says… Read More

CU researcher Angela Bryan in her cannabis and exercise research facility

Can Cannabis Motivate Us to Exercise More?

4 minute read

If aliens touched down in Boulder, Colorado, they would assume all humans are stoned runners. High athletes are the polar opposite of the outdated stereotype of the unambitious pothead. University of Colorado professor and researcher Angela Bryan (pictured above) noticed the contradiction each day on her way to campus: hippies and weed are as abundant… Read More

a picture of a yellow lab licking a plastic tincture dropper full of CBD oil

Nevada Allows CBD Treatment for Pets

3 minute read

Nevada is the first state to legalize CBD for pets treatment.  Now that cannabidiol is a legitimate veterinary therapy, animal doctors can prescribe CBD without fear of disciplinary action from the state licensing board. Before the bill, it was unclear whether veterinarians could prescribe CBD products, so many avoided it altogether.  The bill’s sponsor, state… Read More

a closeup of green light up sign that says cannabis shop with a cannabis leaf.

Unregulated CBD Biz Maintains High Standards

3 minute read

A cannabis review site dedicated to impartial product research recently published a handy article that takes a broad look at the CBD industry as a whole. Oracle, the site behind the research, analyzed a small pool of 196 companies, including Extract Labs. There are well over 1,500 brands in the crowded market today. But most… Read More

Beyonce on stage in a black outfit with a blue background

Beyoncé Says CBD Treats Her Insomnia and Soreness

2 minute read

The FDA is still dragging its feet on legitimizing CBD, but cannabidiol just got the stamp of approval from a far more powerful institution: Beyoncé.  In an August 10 interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Beyoncé, who turns 40 in September, dove into the past four decades of her life. She was a shy dreamer for the… Read More

Close up of elite gymnast Simone Biles in her gymnastics uniform

CBD on the World Stage: Cannabis and Sports

4 minute read

Olympic athletes are familiar with intense health routines. Biohacking, cryogenic chambers and extreme diets may give them a hair’s length advantage that means the difference between gold and silver. In the U.S. and other parts of the globe, social acceptance of cannabis has made its way onto the field and into locker rooms as many… Read More

a bunch of cannabis plant leaves

Draft Bill for Full Federal Cannabis Legalization has Arrived

2 minute read

The time for federally legal marijuana has come. Yesterday, Senate Democrats released a draft bill for sweeping marijuana reform, The Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act, and Nancy Reagan is rolling in her grave.  Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon, and Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey presented the changes. The proposal… Read More

a cannabis leaf in a Petri dish with beakers and other scientific glass on backlit tables

How Cannabis Labs Flunked the THC Test

5 minute read

The legal marijuana industry sold over $17 billion in 2020. For reference, the craft beer industry made around $22 billion and the vape e-cig market is worth around $7 billion. Suffice it to say, that’s a $h!t ton of money for a fledgling industry still deemed illegal on a federal level. While plenty of marijuana… Read More

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