Extract Labs accountant, Dakota Eitzen stuck in a worm hole

Dakota Eitzen: An Accountant with Hoop Dreams

3 minute read

Dakota Eitzen has the thankless job of crunching numbers and performing tasks hardly anyone else is even aware of, like, tracking down unprepared new hires’ social security cards to abide by federal guidelines. The Fairview, Oklahoma transplant joined Extract Labs at an untimely moment—the start of the pandemic—when the rest of the world was facing… Read More

Justin Smith – Shipping Lead

2 minute read

Meet another native Coloradan working for Extract Labs, Justin Smith. He is originally from Longmont Colorado and graduated from Longmont High School. Following graduation, he tried his hand at a variety of vocations before finding steady work with both plumbing and restoration.  Justin has long-been a cannabis advocate. Although the marijuana side of things had… Read More

Jannie Nieser – Shipping Assistant

2 minute read

Meet Jannie Nieser, one of the helping hands that keeps orders flowing out of our doors. One of the very few native Coloradans that work for Extract Labs, Jannie is originally from Superior Colorado. After graduating from Monarch High School, she worked various retail jobs to pay the bills. Jannie has always been a fan… Read More

Duncan Burke

Duncan Burke – Senior Web Developer

4 minute read

You know that satisfying feeling you get when the moment arrives to put the last piece of a puzzle into place? That is exactly how Extract Labs felt when hiring Duncan Burke. Before Duncan, our website and digital presence were handled by an outside agency. The company made the decision to begin moving everything in… Read More

woman in extract labs hoodie stands outside with two kids

Sid Marshall – Assistant Formulations Manager

2 minute read

Do you know that one coworker who just shows up and grinds? The person who is never the last one in the door or the first one out of it? The one you can find with a smile on their face, no matter how hard the day is? For us, that is Assistant Formulations Manager… Read More

Kelby Walsh – Extractor and Material Coordinator

2 minute read

Meet Kelby Walsh, Extractor and Material Coordinator. Kel comes to us from the Land of Lincoln, trading in corn stalks for mountain tops. He is what the folks of central Illinois would call “a good ol’ boy”; Never one to shy away from getting his hands dirty and always puts his whole heart (and back)… Read More

Ash Garcia

Ash Garcia – Brand Manager

2 minute read

Meet our resident Redcoat, Ash Garcia. Originally from the UK, Ash maintains her dual citizenship even though she has lived in Colorado for over a decade. Ash designs and updates packaging and labels for all our products. Her eye for design comes in handy when creating marketing materials, wholesale collateral, and advertising. In addition to… Read More


Marco Treppeda – Shipping Assistant

3 minute read

Given the fact he’s the only true native Boulderite in the building, it’s fair to say, Marco represents a point of genuine connection to the place where Extract Labs has put down roots. Besides having a strong work ethic and a land-locked upbringing, Marco manages to embody the essential qualities that made Jeff Spicoli of… Read More

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