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How To Travel With A Dog? | Travel Tips & Tricks For Our Furry Friends 

CBD for dogs is a popular product to help calm and relax pets while traveling. Read more about the potential benefits below.

Studies with CBD have been shown to potentially decrease nausea. This sounds promising for pets who suffer from motion sickness. 

If your CBD product has under 0.3% THC, you are good to go!

Check out our CBD dosage chart below for CBD Bites and CBD Oil. 

CBD for dogs is picking up popularity due to its benefits. Check out our 2 popular CBD products for your furry friend below or check out this blog to learn more. 

Taking a vacation is one of the best ways to find some therapeutic relief from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. But sometimes you end up needing a vacation after your vacation. The anxiety of traveling can often leave a fog over the entire trip. And of course, we love to bring our pets with us, which brings its own set of challenges. 

How to travel with a dog? What if your pet isn’t as eager to travel as you are? They’re our family and we want them to be a part of our adventures. How do you help your pets feel comfortable and relaxed while spending hours in the car or hours at the airport? How can I make traveling with my pet easier? How can I help calm them down?  

Here’s a few tips and tricks:

First and foremost, plan ahead!  

  1. Choose pet-friendly accommodations. There is nothing worse than getting to your destination and realizing pets are not allowed.  
  2. Use travel crates to create a safe space for your pet! Not only do they keep your pet safe, but they can provide an area of comfort. Crate trained dogs will associate their crate with security.  
  3. Pack their favorite toy! This can help calm your dog in a new and stressful environment.  
  4. Bring your pet’s current paperwork signed by their veterinarian. If traveling internationally, make sure you call ahead and confirm that your pet does not need any extra vaccinations.  
  5. Microchip your pet. Losing your pet in an unfamiliar area will ruin any vacation. Many pet owners use collars that have a section for air tags in them, utilizing GPS tracking to find their pet.  
  6. Keep your pet hydrated! You may also want to skip breakfast for your pup on the day of traveling. The stress of the day may have some rather unpleasant implications that you will not want to deal with while traveling… “Stress diarrhea”  
  7. Consider CBD for dogs while traveling. Not all CBD oils are created equally, so make sure you find a credible company that demonstrates a commitment to quality. Published lab tests are a great way to verify a product’s potency and purity. No gas station CBD oil for your fur-babies.

Can CBD oil help when traveling with dogs?

CBD for dogs is gaining popularity while traveling due to its relaxing and calming effects. Not all CBD oils are created equally, so make sure you find a credible company that demonstrates a commitment to quality. Published lab tests are a great way to verify a product’s potency and purity. 

Does CBD help with nausea for dogs?  

What exactly is car sickness?  

Car sickness is just another name for motion sickness, a condition which can occur in mammals when traveling by boat, car, or plane. The vestibular system in the inner ear works together with the visual system, which includes the eyes, optic nerves, and brain, to give us a sense of balance and orientation. When the vestibular system senses movement, but the visual system is sending info that doesn’t match that movement, these contradictory signals create a neural mismatch that confuses the brain. This mismatch can trigger histamines, or messenger neurotransmitters, to send messages to the emetic center of the brain to take action. (1

CBD has been found to inhibit the activity of mast cells, (2) therefore stopping the mast cells from sending the histamines to the brain. If you decrease the chance of histamines, you can potentially decrease nausea.  

A study done on rats in 2002 found that “cannabinoids without psychoactive side-effects may have therapeutic value in the treatment of chemotherapy-induced nausea.” (3) This sounds promising for pets who suffer from motion sickness.  

Can you fly with CBD?

Do you get paranoid every time you have to go through TSA at the airport? If your CBD product has under 0.3% THC, you are good to go! According to TSA, “Marijuana and certain cannabis infused products, including some Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, remain illegal under federal law except for products that contain no more than 0.3 percent THC on a dry weight basis or that are approved by FDA” (4) You can verify the percentage of THC in your product through a trustworthy company’s lab test. Lab tests should be readily available– you should not have to dig through the company’s website to find this information. Don’t forget that any liquid or cream must be under 3 ounces.

How much CBD should I give my dog before flying?

We highly encourage giving your dog small doses of CBD before your travel day. It is best to see how your pet reacts to a new product in a familiar environment. Although there does not appear to be any harmful side effects from regularly using CBD, every animal is different and may have different reactions. Always consult with your pet’s veterinarian.

Extract Lab’s dog bites are 10 mg CBD each. Recommended dosages are based on the weight of the pet.

CBD Dosage for Dogs (Bites): 

Under 25 lbs. –  ¼ of a bite 

25-65 lbs. –  ¼ to ½ a bite 

66+ lbs. –  ½ to 1 whole bite 

CBD Dosage for Dogs (Oil): 

Under 25 lbs. –  ¼ ml 

25-65 lbs. –  ¼ to ½ ml

66+ lbs. –  ½ to 1 ml 

Traveling with a pet | How to travel with a dog?

Traveling with a pet should be fun for you and your pet alike. However, it can definitely be stressful when it doesn’t have to be. Bringing your dog’s favorite chew toy or their travel crate can make the vacation more comfortable to put your dog at ease. Taking the necessary steps for your vacation will make sure it’s a therapeutic experience for everyone!

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