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Creating The Future Of Cannabis

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Our founder, Craig Henderson, was recognized by Industry Tech Insights as one of the 20 Successful CEOs to Watch out for in 2021. The publication focuses on covering the widening gap between the technological and professional space. They feature news and insights on the shifting landscape, profile thought leaders, and showcase groundbreaking companies and ideas.

The magazine featured our CEO for paving the way in the hemp space; Minor cannabinoid extractions beyond CBD are the new cannabis frontier.

 “Our focus lies on the other 120-something minor cannabinoids that we know very little about,” he says in the feature. “We see the future of cannabis medicine as something much more diverse than it is today.”

Since hemp’s legalization in 2018, CBD’s remained front and center as the cannabinoid responsible for multiple health benefits from anti-inflammation to anti-anxiety. CBD is the most prominent compound in hemp, and the little CBD research that does exist shows promising results. But there is reason to believe that the other minor cannabinoids that make up the rest of the plant have special uses as well.  

CBN, for example, comes from broken-down THC and is thought of as a sedative. CBG may be more beneficial for memory. CBC is unique because it comes from a recessive gene that only appears under certain conditions. Like CBD, it’s shown to reduce inflammation and act as an anti-bacterial.

This is just a small taste. The potential of what these compounds can do is an exciting unknown. But many extractors do not have the know-how or the equipment to access the rarer cannabinoids, so they pass off makeshift formulations as whole plant extracts. Take CBG, for instance. Because it is so difficult to extract in large quantities, some isolate the compound then infuse it into a full spectrum oil to disguise the product as a singular extraction. 

“[Other companies] often come up with tricky names like, “CBG + CBD” that speaks to the way CBG has been “added” to “CBD,” which allows them to avoid the term “isolate” altogether, and use “full-spectrum” instead,” Craig says in the article. 

Our farmers produce CBG-rich hemp, which allows us to extract whole plant CBG oils without any dishonest workarounds. 

Industry Tech Insights also noted our lab as Kosher and Halal certified, as well as ISO certified, the highest standard among hemp labs. Trailblazing a new path in cannabis while maintaining an industry-leading analytics team is what ITI says sets Extract Labs apart from other CBD brands and why they highlighted our founder who started it all.

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