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CBN for Sleep: A Better Way To Catch Those Z’s

Heavier sleeping medications interfere with deep-level REM brain waves, so you are not entering the restorative phases of rest.

Around 9 million people use prescription sleep aids.

CBN is a hemp-derived natural sleeping alternative. Unlike Melatonin which has been gaining popularity, CBN, in the correct dose, can offer less grogginess and more alertness for the following day.

CBN, or cannabinol, is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in hemp. CBN is popular for its relaxing & anti-inflammatory qualities and being an amazing sleep aid. 

Quality shut-eye is equally as important as a healthy diet and exercise, but many adults struggle to meet the suggested guidelines of 7 or more hours per night, and traditional sleeping pills may do more harm than good. This has left millions of people seeking a gentler option to heavy sedative drugs. So what is CBN?

The Importance of Sleep

According to CDC data, good sleepers usually weigh less, eat fewer calories, and have better concentration and focus than poor sleepers. Quality sleep is also linked to improved physical ability and better immune function.

According to the CDC, over 70 million Americans have sleep issues. Professionals suggest 18 to 64-year-olds should get at least seven good hours a night, but 35 percent of all U.S. adults are not hitting that goal. With so many people struggling, it is not surprising that 9 million people use prescription sleep aids.

The Problem With Traditional Sleeping Pills

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Most sleep aids work by boosting the production of our GABA neurotransmitters. GABA helps quiet down neuron activity. But we are learning that prescription drugs like Ambien and others do not allow us to achieve the restorative level of sleep that translates to all the healthy benefits. 

Certain phases of the sleep cycle are more valuable than others, too. There are four stages: three non-rapid eye movement stages (the transitional period, when body temperature drops and heart rate slows, and deep sleep), and one REM dream phase. 

According to a Healthline article, only deep sleep and REM are considered restorative. During these phases, our bodies repair and regrow tissue, bone, and muscle.  It also strengthens our immune system. 

But heavier sleep medications interfere with deep-level REM brain waves, so you are not entering the restorative phases of rest. 

It’s why these medications often lead to grogginess and forgetfulness. People on heavy sedatives have fallen, gotten in car accidents, and had other serious injuries. 

It became such an issue that The Food and Drug Administration left its most serious health warning, a Black Box warning for life-threatening side effects, on these medications

New Alternatives | What Is CBN?

Melatonin has become a popular choice because people are less likely to become dependent, have a diminished response, or experience a “hangover” feeling.  CBN is also gaining popularity.

So what is CBN? CBN, or cannabinol, is one of the 100 compounds found in hemp. A non-psychoactive compound, CBN is popular for its relaxing and anti-inflammatory qualities. It is gaining more popularity than melatonin due to CBN being a natural product and how it reacts to your endocannabinoid system

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Does CBN Make You Tired?

CBN’s connection to sleep first came about as cannabis lore. CBN comes from aging, oxidized THC, and old poorly stored weed gained a reputation for making people sleepy. Unfortunately, there is still little research that conclusively validates the abundance of anecdotal evidence.

Which is Better for Sleep CBD or CBN?

As studies progress, cannabis researchers are aiming to hone in on how minor cannabinoids can narrow in on specific problems. Given the entourage effect that cannabinoids work better together than when isolated.

How Long Does it Take for CBN to Kick In?

CBN doesn’t take any more or less time to take effect than other cannabinoids. Lifestyle, weight, diet, metabolism, and other innumerable factors play a role in timing. More than anything, the consumption method determines how long effects take to show up. Ingesting, smoking, and tincture all have different bioavailability rates, how quickly cannabinoids are absorbed in the blood. Vaping CBN offers the fastest effects, followed by CBN tincture, then edibles.

CBN for Sleep

Since CBN comes from aging THC, it is not as widely available as other cannabinoids. However, as interest in minor cannabinoids grows, more products have come into the market. We offer five different PM products, including CBN tincture for sleep, PM formula softgels, full spectrum CBN gummies, CBN chocolate bar edibles, and 100 percent pure CBN isolate.

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