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How to Make the Best CBD Coffee

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Coffee with CBD is a match made in heaven. The energizing warmth of a bold roast tempered with the mellowing effects of cannabidiol makes for well-balanced creation. It is also an enjoyable way to incorporate CBD into a general health regimen. There are multiple ways to consume a cannabis cup—infused with tincture oil, k-cups, and whole beans. Read on to discover the best CBD coffee for you.

But first…

Why Put CBD in Coffee?

Most people prefer CBD in coffee because it tempers negative effects from too much caffeine. For this reason, it is a helpful option for the caffeine-sensitive who are prone to jitters or anxiety. But why?

According to a Well + Good article, neuroscientist Leigh Winters explained the science behind caffeine and CBD. She says they both inhibit adenosine, a natural chemical that regulates the sleep/wake cycle. As adenosine builds up, neurotransmitters fire slower, which makes us wind down. 

The fact that both caffeine and CBD block adenosine yet result in different physiological responses—caffeine for energy and CBD for relaxation—is unusual. But there are no clear answers to why cannabinoids and coffee make a fabulous duo since little research exists. However, one thought is that CBD can recharge the endocannabinoid system, which can be weakened by too much caffeine.

What people might not realize is coffee is a helpful CBD carrier. Have you ever had a cup and noticed a thin layer of oil swirling on the top? That’s because coffee beans are full of oil that gives them their flavor. Because humans need a carrier oil to help us absorb cannabinoids, these natural coffee fats work as an effective conductor. 

How to Make CBD Coffee

How to Make CBD Tincture Coffee 
Many cafes today sell CBD add-ons for honey lattes or matcha teas. But you can save an extra few bucks at the coffee shop and make your own at home. It’s safe to add CBD tincture oil directly in a hot cup. Hot coffee is usually around 160 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit, which will not kill off any cannabinoids. It’s when you get to over 320 degrees that heat starts to damage CBD. 

The tincture oil will float on top of the liquid, so it requires a few stirs. Another option is to mix CBD with honey to mix in a latte or drip coffee. Using tincture oil is one of the few methods that allow you to customize your dose size.

How to Make CBD Coffee Pods
For CBD k-cups, grounds are typically pre-mixed with isolate. Isolate is tasteless, so it works well with coffee where the flavor is of the utmost importance. In our Bearded Man coffee pods, we infuse each cup with 20 milligrams of pure CBD.

Americans drink two to three cups of coffee per day, so we split the difference between two cups to equal just a little over a 33-milligram dose that is common in other CBD drinks.

How to Infuse Coffee Beans With CBD
To infuse whole beans with CBD, one option is soaking the coffee in a cannabidiol isolate solution. The beans will absorb the liquid and then dry out, leaving behind CBD-infused whole beans. The challenge with CBD coffee is narrowing down the exact dose. There are about 22 nine-ounce cups in a 12-ounce bag. Divide the amount of CBD per bag by 22 to get a good estimate of how much CBD is in each cup.

New Whole Bean CBD Coffee

  • Bearded Man Wolfhound blend CBD Coffee, cinnamon blonde roast, vanilla cayenne infusion, from Extract Labs

    Wolfhound CBD Coffee

    $38.00 Add to cart

Wolfhound is our newest CBD coffee offering made in collaboration with Bearded Man Coffee out of Salida, Colorado. A highly caffeinated blend infused with spice, the roast reflects the tough intensity of our CEO’s U.S. Army military regiment, the 1st Battalion 27th Infantry, with the eponymous insignia.

The cinnamon blonde roast is flavored with vanilla and cayenne, and infused with 250 milligrams of CBD isolate. There are about 11 milligrams of CBD in each cup.

  • Label

    Chinstrap CBD Coffee

    $38.00 Add to cart

A medium roast, Chinstrap is a single-origin Colombian Supremo. The climate creates a richness that gives the region its distinct coffee roasts that the world covets. Colombia is known for arabica beans that have a lighter, sweeter flowery flavor. 

Chinstrap has smooth caramel tones with notes of walnut and honey. The beans create a smooth bright and woody finish. The roast blends well with nuts and chocolates. 

  • Label

    French Fork CBD Coffee

    $38.00 Add to cart

Now as a whole bean option, French Fork is a standard French roast but better. Roasted for longer periods of time, this chocolate-colored bean is some of the darkest coffee available and expresses a smoky, charcoal flavor. 

French Fork is less acidic than light and medium roasts and has a fuller body than most French roasts. It presents an intense flavor with a smooth caramel finish and dark undertones. Find French Fork in k-cups as well.

How Much CBD to Put in Your Coffee

CBD effects are often dose-dependent. The amount of caffeine and the amount of CBD ingested makes all the difference in your response. Some suggest a 2 to 10-milligram microdose of CBD increases alertness. Over 10 might be more calming, according to the Well + Good article.  A higher dose might be more beneficial for someone with caffeine-related anxiety. A few drops from a tincture could benefit someone looking for that extra boost of focus. Dosing all depends on your end goal. If you’re using cannabidiol for medical reasons, CBD coffee isn’t the best method available since achieving an exact measurement is slightly complicated. 

Play around with different roasts and CBD doses to find what’s right for you. 

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