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CBD Tincture for Dogs: How to Use CBD for Your Dog

For a CBD tincture you can put it on a treat, drizzle on there food, or direct delivery. See our cautions about direct delivery in this article. 

Pet tinctures and CBD treats tend to be less concentrated.

For dogs:

  • up to 25 lbs : 1 ml
  • 25 - 65 lbs : 2 ml
  • 65+ lbs : 4 ml

For cats:

  • 5-10 lbs : .25 ml
  • 10 - 15 lbs : .5 ml
  • 15+ lbs : .75 ml

The main concern is THC toxicity, CBD contains small amount of THC, not enough to be harmful. However some effects of too much CBD could be drowsiness, vomitting, diarrhea, and more

Yes, vets do prescribe CBD as a cure-all. 

Tinctures are a popular choice for pet parents due to their simplicity and multitude of ways to give them to your pup.

How do you give a dog CBD tincture?

Most dogs don’t mind the taste of pet CBD tincture oil, which has a mild earthy flavor, so you shouldn’t have trouble getting them to try it. Here’s how to administer cannabidiol to your pet.

Put it on a Treat
If your dog only needs a few drops of CBD, try putting it on a treat. A dog biscuit or other porous snack would work better than a meat chew. Wait a few seconds to allow the tincture oil to seep into the treat before feeding it to your pet. Another option is mixing the dose with peanut butter. 

Drizzle it on Their Food
Drizzling the tincture on your pet’s food is another easy way to administer CBD. Fill the dropper with the appropriate dose and add it on top of wet food or dry kibble. Depending on your pet’s regimen, add the tincture to either or both of their morning and nighttime meals.

A Note on Direct Delivery 
Use with caution! We don’t recommend delivering CBD straight from the tincture in case a dog bites down on the dropper. Extract Labs’ tincture droppers are glass and can harm you and your pet if it breaks. 

If you don’t want to go the tincture route, there are other CBD products for pets as well. CBD dog bites, chews and capsules all come in pre-dosed bites.

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Is Dog CBD the Same as Human CBD?

Yes and no. The only difference is pet tinctures are less concentrated. According to a Weedmaps article, human-grade CBD is safe for dogs, assuming the tincture is a quality product from a trusted company. (All Extract Labs’ Fetch CBD for pets products are safe for people because they are made from the same human-grade extract.) But because dogs are smaller than people, they require a lower potency formula. It is possible to use a human-strength tincture for dogs, but you would alter the dose according to their size (see more on dosing below).

There is a scientific reason why CBD works for both humans and pets. Though dogs and humans look different, we have something in common: the endocannabinoid system. According to an article in Animals journal, the ECS is pervasive in all mammals.

The ECS is a signaling network that interacts with cannabinoids from plants and naturally occurring cannabinoids made in our bodies. It affects the brain, heart, eyes, stomach, mood and more. It’s why cannabis’ benefits are far-reaching, and why many vets believe that CBD provides the same benefits for dogs and other animals as it does for people.

Other minor differences between human and pet CBD oil are the labeling practices and possible flavors. A human tincture could contain flavors like mint or raspberry, and pet products can be infused with cod liver oil or bacon flavor.

Should I Give My Dog CBD Oil Everyday?

A report by Stephanie McGrath of Colorado State University, home to one of the nation’s most prestigious vet schools, revealed that CBD is overall well-tolerated by healthy dogs. The study looked at 30 beagles and measured their responses to various doses of CBD over six weeks. The results were positive without any severe reactions. 

However, McGrath noted some dogs experienced diarrhea and elevated serum alkaline phosphatase (ALP), an enzyme commonly found in the liver, bones, intestines and kidneys. She said the responses are clinically significant and require further study. 

CBD tincture for Dogs Dosage
A good rule of thumb is to give roughly 1 to 5 milligrams of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight. Our CBD for pets tinctures come in 30-milliliter bottles with 500 milligrams of CBD. One full dropper equals 1 milliliter containing  17 milligrams of CBD.

A chart that explains how to properly dose pets with CBD: For dogs up to 25 lbs, 1 ml; 25-65 lbs, 2ml; 65 lbs and up, 4 ml; For cats 5-1o lbs, .25 ml; 10-15 lbs, .5 ml; 15 lbs and up .75ml

It’s best to talk to your vet to gain an understanding of how to find the right dose for your dog.

What Happens if I Give My Dog Too Much CBD Oil?

The main concern is THC toxicity. CBD contains a small amount of THC, not enough to be harmful. However, if a dog consumes a large amount of CBD it may show signs of drowsiness, vomiting, lethargy, inappetence and diarrhea. According to the ASPCA, most cases do not require treatment. Smaller dogs are more susceptible to adverse side effects due to their size. 

There is more concern for THC toxicity if your dog consumes marijuana products or raw cannabis plants. THC toxicity may result in mild sedation, urinary incontinence, hyperesthesia, and ataxia. If this occurs, take your dog to the vet so they can receive IV fluids. 

To prevent THC toxicity,  keep your stash out of reach from where your pups can get it and make sure you purchase from a trusted brand that doesn’t over or under-label products. Reliable companies provide a CBD certificate of analysis detailing what is in the tincture. 

Do Vets Recommend CBD Oil for Dogs?

Yes. Vets do not prescribe CBD as a cure-all, but many have witnessed positive reactions from CBD use, according to a Green Entrepreneur article on CBD oil veterinary reviews. The best CBD oil tincture for dogs is a full spectrum product that includes other useful cannabinoids and a harmless, minor amount of THC. While more conclusive data is required, many in the veterinary field are excited about the future of cannabis research.

More About Extract Labs and CBD for Pets

Extract Labs funds research and provides CBD to McGrath, the vet mentioned earlier, for CSU’s veterinary research department. She is looking at the effects of CBD on canine cancer cells. We also donate 10 percent of Fetch sales to fund cannabinoid/canine science in hopes to reveal the true potential of cannabidiol.

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