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Why Doesn’t CBD Work For Me?

You’ve tried different products from different brands. You’ve taken more and more CBD with each dose and still don’t feel anything close to the life changing results the rest of the world claims. Does all this leave you wondering, “is CBD just all hype?”

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a non psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant. Currently, many studies are being performed to help us better understand how CBD interacts with our body, for what ailments CBD may provide relief, and how researchers and regulators can better determine its efficacy in the vast world of health and wellness.

While most studies are still in their infancy, many consumers have been quick to jump on the CBD bandwagon, and anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD helps them with a wide array of ailments.

Among the most common symptoms that appear time and time again in reviews are:

  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain & inflammation
  • Seizures
  • Insomnia

In the age of information, the news of how CBD helps with seemingly anything and everything spreads like wild fire. For many, CBD has been the miracle cure – what has allowed them to get off prescription drugs, reduce the severity of seizures, or find a deeper sleep cycle.

Perhaps you share similar conditions, and yet don’t experience the “WOW” that they seemingly have. Are they doing something differently than you? Maybe you’re ready to write the whole thing off. While some people have experienced instant relief, just as many have gone through a lot of trial and error before feeling positive effects.

There are legitimate reasons as to why CBD may not have the same effect on you. So before you decide this is nothing but snake oil, check out our pro tips on ways to up your results.

3 Factors that can boost the efficacy of CBD

1. Product provenance

Where and how your CBD was made remains an enormous factor in determining what if anything it’s doing for you. With the CBD industry exploding practically overnight, businesses are ready to slap the word CBD on everything from tinctures and candy, to bed sheets and clothing. When starting a routine ask yourself, “would I buy anti-anxiety medication from a gas station?” We hope you said no. So when it comes to CBD, it’s critical that you are getting the potency, purity and best extraction methods combined with the highest quality ingredients. This requires seeking out a clean, transparent, and reputable product from a trusted source.

On the note of trusted sources, be cautious while shopping online. A recent study found that of 84 different brands tested, only 31% of them contained the amount of CBD they claimed. While many fly-by-night companies are trying to take advantage of consumers and just make a quick buck, some of the biggest names in the industry are also facing issues with misrepresented labels and claims. To help you navigate this tricky space we recommend to 1) trust your instincts. If a company’s website feels “scammy”, it probably is, and 2) be sure the COA they provide is relevant to the product in your hand. You can also read our post on buying reputable CBD online to become a super sleuth in determining a brand’s authenticity. Also, check out our article on how to read a certificate of analysis.

2. The “CBD gas tank”

For most consumers, CBD is their first experience with cannabis of any form (or at the very least, in a long time). Starting out, your body will need time to adapt and begin putting all the CBD you’re feeding it to good use. Our customer service department has a clever way of helping concerned customers understand why routine is so important, and it all comes down to “filling the gas tank.”

At first your body’s CBD gas tank is completely empty. You will need to regularly add to the tank by keeping a consistent routine. This means that the initial phase of CBD treatment has a lot to do with simply getting it in your system. During the first couple weeks, you may not feel much if anything. However, regular use over a longer period of time can begin to habituate your body to a new substance that eventually it can put to use.

This will lead to small, sometimes unnoticed improvements every day. Eventually, your tank will be full, at which point a regular intake will be like topping off your tank to maintain that level. Some people will begin to notice the subtle changes, but some people will swear nothing has improved until they decide to take a break from their routine. Once they do, the degree of results are quickly realized when the tank runs dry and all of those symptoms come crashing back at once.

Simply put, maintain a consistent routine. While the results may be subtle, they will be incremental; making small improvements every day, and eventually amounting to substantial relief.

3. The science of you

All of us are radically different, and there is no one-size-fits-all CBD solution. While we, as a company, can be your guide to best practices, and are of course happy to give advice, a huge piece of the CBD puzzle is listening to your body, and experimenting to dial in your routine.

CBD for Sleep
Perhaps you’re looking to improve your sleep. Taking a product such as a tincture, or soft gel CBD capsule about an hour before bedtime will give it time to work through your system. Again, remember that results typically do not happen instantly. In fact, some people have reported that our CBD had the opposite effect – they felt more awake after taking it. Eventually, however, a consistent nightly routine led to a much improved sleep cycle.

CBD for Aches & Pains
Do your knees hurt towards the afternoon from being on your feet all day? Chronic lower back pain? The obvious choice would be a topical product which you can apply as the pain begins to set in. While this is a great option that we recommend, we also realize that ingesting CBD gets more of it in your system. So another option is to try an oral method in conjunction with a topical to maximize systemic exposure.

There are a variety of factors that play into each person’s CBD experience, and these are some thoughts worth considering as you embark on your path of discovery. If you have been trying CBD with little success, don’t give up hope! Keep experimenting and dial in a routine that works for you. Just because you didn’t experience instant results does not mean that a CBD wellness routine is off the table!

Our team of in-house experts are here to guide you on your journey to success. If you feel like you’ve tried everything there is to try, reach out! We would love to help point you in the right direction and help you in any way we can!

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