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Veterans Talk About CBD

As a veteran-owned company, we try to do our part in supporting those who have served our country. Witnessing cannabis help vets with pain and anxiety was the fuel that got Extract Labs up and running. To acknowledge the holiday, we sent out a survey to our military member subscribers to learn more about their experiences with CBD, why they use cannabidiol and their results. 

Noah H., 42, served in Iraq as a Marine Assault Amphibious Vehicle crewmember. He tried CBD about seven months ago to substitute a daily dose of 35000-plus milligrams of ibuprofen for pain. 

“I’m a combat veteran (who is) 60 percent disabled. I did lots of research before taking the plunge. It has helped tremendously with my pain and PTSD,” Noah said. “The VA just wanted to give me bags of pills—not really my cup of tea. It can’t be good taking all the meds day-in and day-out, so I took the jump into the CBD world.” 

After discovering Extract Labs from CBD Examine, Noah tried CBD and CBN tincture for morning and night, respectively. He noticed the results in about a week. 

Lance Corporal Jonathan R., 36, served with the Ace of Spades as a Marine Corps Fixed-Wing Airframe Mechanic and was deployed to Afghanistan. He started taking THC free CBD products for anxiety and trouble sleeping.

CBD is banned for active military members because of the trace amounts of THC in many hemp products. Luckily, THC free isolate products are the only option where there is no concern of failing a drug test. Yet, federally illegal cannabis is a lingering issue in the CBD industry, preventing those subject to drug testing—cops, military members, firemen and women—from utilizing full spectrum products. 

“Try it. It’s not a drug, it’s an herbal remedy,” says 71-year-old veteran Dan C. who served as a Naval Aviator. Dan began researching CBD in 2019. He eventually tried CBD and CBG tincture for daily support and CBN capsules with melatonin for sleep at night. He noticed the change immediately. 

Jenny is a 44-year-old Navy Airman who served with the ATOC Rota Spain. She started using CBD in 2020 to help with anxiety. She uses various products but likes the tinctures since she can add them to food and drinks. 

Similarly, Airforce technical sergeant Lynn N., 64, uses gummies in the morning and night and vapes throughout the day as needed to help with anxiety. She says she is now less emotional and has fewer panic attacks. 

The fact that cannabinoids support both the body and mind is why CBD has become a beneficial tool for military members who often endure physical strain and traumatic emotional experiences. But for many, it’s just one part of an overall health regimen. 

After serving with the 82nd Airborne in Afghanistan, Jeremy R. began taking CBD a few years ago to help with chronic inflammation due to a service-related injury. 

“It’s part of a kitchen sink method for me. Anything to avoid a knee replacement, so yoga, meditation, CBD, stem cell treatment, etc,” Jeremy says. “I’m doing what I can to improve, just glad y’all are out there supporting vets trying to do this.”

Our deepest thanks to all military members this Veterans Day.

All servicemen and women receive 50 percent off all  Extract Labs CBD products.  If you haven’t already signed up, you can do so through our CBD discount program.  During  November (Veterans Day month) and May (Memorial Day month), discount program members receive an additional 10 percent off (60 percent total).

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