The Day My Hormonal Acne Moved Out

My skin does not define me

Googles definition of skin: The thin layer of tissue forming the natural outer covering of the body of a person or animal.
My definition of skin: A thin layer of tissue covering the body that is just one part of the many things about us.

I was fortunate to have gone through my teens without acne. Gap tooth brace face, yes. I also was in luck because my older sister was a physician’s assistant at a dermatologist and I always had the best of the best skin care. I’d get your typical hormonal acne around my menstrual phase but that was it. I’m going to be honest, I knew how beautiful my skin was, I know how beautiful my skin is. Like a porcelain doll my mom would say. I’d stare at myself more times in the mirror than I’d like to admit, and not in a healthy way.

At 23 years old, I’d welcome adult hormonal acne. She moved into my downtown apartment with me and made herself comfortable. For a year and half she was the first thing I noticed in the morning and the last thing I saw before I went to bed at night. She was so painful, painful to look at, painful to the touch but what really tore me to the core, was how painful she made me feel about myself. It was the first thing people noticed when they looked at me, or so I thought.

It got to the point where nothing and I mean nothing would cure my acne and it became almost comical. I’d joke around about putting my face on (painting with my makeup), I was the joke my siblings and I would mess around about, connect the dots. I don’t even want to tell you how much money I spent on skin care, treatments, the amount of time I would spend washing and changing my pillow cases every night, cutting certain foods I loved out of my life (I love you cheese, I will never leave you again). You name it, I did it.

Graphic showing woman with hormal acne before cbd

An easy goodbye

A year and half later, thousands of dollars spent, days spent inside, endless tears cried would bring me to a hot summer day at the pool where little did I know this sweet soul would give me the solution to my adult hormonal acne finally moving out. Naturally, I was talking about Gertner’s Kitchen when I was asked if I ever cooked with CBD oil. Big 420 fan I am. I had tried to jump on the CBD oil wagon but was never consistent enough. Later that next week I was given CBD oil to incorporate into my cooking. Out came CBD banana foster cream cheese frosting (say that fast four times) and out came my consistency taking Extract Labs Full Spectrum Hemp Tincture. I’d say about two months in of adding CBD oil to my daily coffee or smoothies, my acne slowly started to disappear.

woman with clear skin after using cbd oil

Spill the T, what is this CBD Tincture you speak of!

CBD, also short for cannabidiol, comes from the hemp plant. Same family as THC but the biggest difference between the too, is that CBD is not psychoactive. CBD’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties cured my hormonal acne.

How can I trust that the CBD oil I am buying is safe and pure?

Great question! If your curiosity has led you this far, I welcome you with open arms. Like with anything in life that you’re not totally sure about, you’d ask questions. When buying CBD, it is imperative that you are buying third-party-tested CBD. Because the FDA does not regulate CBD, it is possible you could buy a product that might not be what it says it is. At Extract Labs, all of their third-party lab results are available in a complete database listed on their website. Check out their blog post on how to read a certificate of analysis (COA).

What is Full spectrum CBD?

Full spectrum CBD means this product contains minor cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, which includes THC. To comply with the federal regulation of THC levels in CBD, < 0.3% should be the amount of THC found in CBD products to ensure the user does not feel “high”. If you are looking for a CBD product that does not contain anything but CBD, Extract Labs sells Isolate, which can be ingested in many different ways and forms.

Woman takes a dose of CBD oil

Naked in the mirror

After listening to what I thought was the most perfect podcast for exactly what I was going through, I’d like to share something from it. In hopes you share it with yourself and with others. As you stand naked looking at yourself in the mirror, I want you to say three things about yourself that have nothing to do with your image. Every day I want you to practice this exercise and before you know it, when that person is staring back at you in the mirror, you will see everything but your image. You will see strength, you will see hard work, you will see beauty within.

Podcast: The Kelli Show – Naked in the mirror with Olivia Noceda

Skin, is just one part of the many things about us

I know how hard it is to live with something covering that beautiful skin of yours. I know what it’s like to think that your skin is the only thing people are looking at but I promise you this, your skin is just one part of the many things about you. You are so very beautiful on the inside and out.

woman in towel hold bottle of cbd oil


With so much love,

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