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Why CBD Beauty Products Are Having a Major Moment

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CBD oil has become a surprising staple in the beauty world — and why wouldn’t it? Derived from hemp, CBD is used commonly for various health benefits.

Ahead, we break down everything you need to know about CBD oil-infused beauty products.

How does it work?

Craig Henderson, Founder of Extract Labs, explains, “Cannabinoid receptors in the human body help regulate mood, pain, sensation, appetite, and memory. These receptors can be activated by natural endocannabinoids produced in the human body or by plant cannabinoids found in cannabis, hemp, and marijuana. Since there are many cannabinoid receptors located throughout the skin, CBD is easily absorbed into the skin and begins working upon application.”

Are there different kinds of CBD?

Yes! “CBD isolate is purely CBD and doesn’t contain any other cannabinoids. Alone, it has some benefits, but when it’s combined with other cannabinoids, it works more effectively,” says Henderson. “For true benefits, you would want all the cannabinoids working synergistically together in your body. So, a full spectrum oil that contains many cannabinoids is much more effective than CBD isolate.”


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