a birds eye view of Extract labs new tincture, isolate and capsule packaging on a wood background

Same Great CBD in a Stylish New Package

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We pride ourselves on offering premium, potent extractions. We thought our packaging should represent what’s on the inside, so we revamped our look! 

“We often talk about how Extract Labs started in my garage,” said CEO Craig Henderson. “I’m proud of that scrappy get-things-done mentality, but the entire hemp industry is growing up, and we wanted to create new designs that reflect how our company has matured as well.” 

Every day we hear from our customers that CBD is helping them with sleep, pain, inflammation, appetite, and anxiousness. Since most of our customers use hemp extracts for health-related purposes, we wanted to give our packaging a clean feel while continuing to represent as a Colorado company. Keeping the same signature mountain background, we switched to all-white packaging with bold, simple colors that indicate a specific cannabinoid or product type. 

The consistent, cohesive look brought all of our products together while simultaneously distinguishing each item’s specific uses.

A bottle of Extract Labs full spectrum CBD tincture original regular strength

“All the main important information that consumers tend to look for is easily readable on the front panelproduct name, spectrum type, dosage per container, serving size, and benefits,” said Extract Labs designer Kelly Harkins. “Since the hemp industry is still so new, customers are often confused about what each cannabinoid offers. Labeling the benefits allows people to browse through the selections and make the best decision for themselves.”

The cannabinoid types are intuitively labeled and categorized by color. As our flagship product, CBD tincture is forest green, the color of hemp and one of the dominant colors in our branding. We kept CBG a tan, similar to the box of our old tincture. CBC relief support will stay red, and our PM CBN formula is a deep night blue. 

Our tincture bottles have also improved. Now, each tincture comes in a frosted white glass bottle to protect the oil from the sun, which is particularly necessary for isolate tinctures that are easily damaged by light. The unique white dropper is now safer as a child-resistant cap. Factory-sealed, you will feel confident that your product has not been tampered with or opened.

“The move into our new building and new packaging release have ushered in the next phase for Extract Labs. This is just the beginning of the great things to come,” Henderson said. 

The colorful, playful designs for our concentrates, sauce, and tanks that appeal to our younger audience will remain the same. All Extract Labs packaging is 100 percent recyclable. Be on the lookout for new gummy jars coming soon!

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