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Extract Labs is Moving!

Drum roll please! Extract Labs is moving! We are finally gaining some much-needed space as we continue to grow.  As of today, we have officially closed on our new facility! Before we look forward, we wanted to take a minute to look back on the last time we moved.

The Big Move 2018

Ah, it seems like just yesterday. In 2018, Mason Ramsey was yodeling in Walmarts, the media was in a frenzy over kids eating Tide Pods, and Elon Musk was smoking big doinks with Joe Rogan – what a time! On Halloween, Extract Labs was hard at work, moving half of our operation to a secondary facility here in Boulder.

Halloween costumes in tow, our staff put their witchy noses to the grindstone and moved our offices, shipping department, formulation lab, and refinement lab to another warehouse just a block away. This left extraction and post-processing space to expand in our original building while giving everyone else room to grow into our second home. 

And what a welcome upgrade it was! Our original building is roughly 5000 square feet, and the expansion added 7500 square feet to our footprint.

Woman in shark costume stands in open office space.

We were living large, thinking of all the space we had to expand. It was a welcome change from our original setup. We had room to hire more formulation technicians, space for shipping to spread out and pack orders more efficiently, and our office people were no longer rubbing elbows. Originally, we had space for our CEO to take a leisurely afternoon bicycle ride through the office!

We quickly realized that the space we thought would last us five years wouldn’t last two. Things got crowded, like really crowded. We had to buy a storage container, shipping has long since overflowed into the center walkway, and our CEO’s office is stacked to the ceiling with office supplies and packaging (no, seriously, below is an actual photo of our CEO’s current office). 

Office space stacked with boxes

The rest of the building is just about out of space too. Our office floor bike path has long since departed in favor of shipping space, a controlled cleanroom for our analytical laboratory, and more desks. What started as “room to grow” has evolved to “where can this go?” Here is move-in day versus now!

Our lab folks are feeling the increasing space restraints as well. All breathing room has been replaced with shiny stainless steel and new faces. 

All of this to say, the growing pains will soon be resolved. We now have the keys to the new facility! To be clear here, because we think it is important to note, we do not have any investors. We haven’t taken a dime from anyone interested in the company.

We are investing in ourselves because of two sources: You, our valued customer, who has shown us tireless and unwavering support despite all of the other companies out there. Your continued business is the reason we can make a move like this! And secondly, our employees. We take pride in employing some of the hardest-working folks in the CBD industry. Their obsession with perfection drives every one of them to push possibilities to the limits – and they do so knowing that the pride they take in their work is helping the people of the world feel better.

From the garage…

man operates rotovap in garage setting

…to our future!

large commercial building

We can’t wait to do it all – with you.

Stay tuned for a move-in update! 

Thank you all so much. 

❤ Your friends at Extract Labs

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