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Extract Labs Gains GMP Certification

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An interview with Alyssa Rosenblum, Quality Manager at Extract Labs, on what it means to be a GMP certified company in the CBD industry.

Alyssa holds an MS in Food Science from Colorado State University and a BS in Biology from The University of Alabama. For her Master’s thesis, she studied the solubility and functionality of hemp protein. Prior to Extract Labs, she was a Product Development Food Scientist developing protein bars as a consultant. Alyssa is a Preventative Controls Qualified Individual and is HACCP certified. She is an active member of the Institute of Food Technologists.

Q: Extract Labs was recently audited over the course of several days and gained GMP certification by reaching the 90th percentile across all standards. Can you tell us what this means for the company and its customers?

A: It’s great news for the company and our customers! Now that we have been audited, there is no question to how much we care about the quality of our product. We have worked hard to ensure we are compliant and are proud of our achievement. Customers will be able to see our name listed as a GMP company on our auditors’ website.

Q: Most people have heard of the FDA, but GMP is probably less of a household phrase. Can you explain how these two are related?

A: GMP stands for ‘Good Manufacturing Practices’. The FDA establishes GMPs as regulations and standards of practice for different industries, such as food, animal food, and dietary supplements. Each one is slightly different, depending on what it is regulating. GMPs also change, as they get updated by the FDA, which is why you will often see ‘cGMP’, which stands for ‘Current Good Manufacturing Practices’. Companies under the jurisdiction of the FDA are required to be up-to-date on the most current regulations. Since CBD isn’t regulated by the FDA quite yet, we went the extra mile to make sure we are ready for their regulations when they come.

Q: With CBD and industrial hemp legal in all 50 states, why is the FDA not regulating the industry?

A: I wish I knew! My personal opinion is that CBD exploded onto the market so quickly that the FDA was unable to keep up. I have no doubts that they are working their hardest to get some regulations out for us.

Q: Extract Labs provides both 3rd party tested and in-house generated lab reports on every batch of every product line it sells, and makes them available to its customers. Will this practice continue now that you are GMP certified?

A: Absolutely. We pride ourselves on our transparency, and will continue to provide this to our customers. Third-party testing eliminates any potential bias in our reporting. It also allows our customers to trust the reports we share, and know our products are true to our brand. Many companies will say their products contain X amount of CBD on their labels, but after being tested by a third-party lab, will actually contain much less than advertised. You won’t see that problem with any Extract Labs product.

Q: Any final thoughts on this monumental achievement, and what’s in store for Extract Labs?

A: I’d just like to say how proud I am of the entire team’s work to get us this certification. The passion of each employee here is awe-inspiring and can be seen every day. Thank you everyone.

Extract Labs will continue to be the best hemp company in the world. We’re excited to have the first CBG:CBD tincture available on the market today. We will continue to work hard to provide the highest quality CBD (and now CBG!) products to our customers. Now that we are GMP certified, we hope it will excel us into more stores, more markets, and into the hands of more people so that everyone can experience the quality products that are changing the lives of people everyday.

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