cbg clone seedling in soil

CBD vs CBG: The Differences

4 minute read

You can’t avoid the ubiquity of CBD these days. CBD is not only dominating the wellness space, but it shows up in negroni cocktails, sprinkled on chefs’ gourmet dishes, or in your pet’s favorite treat. With that in mind, it’s hard to believe that another three little letters are beginning to steal the spotlight. CBG,… Read More

The Hemp Industry’s Green Approach to Growing Cannabis

4 minute read

Weed culture is linked to the image of earthy types who prefer bare feet to Nikes and black bean burgers to bison bacon burgers. But headlines over the past few years show the environmental impact of the marijuana industry isn’t as green as the stereotype would have us believe. A recent study by Colorado State… Read More

What Does Full Spectrum CBD Mean

What Does Full Spectrum CBD Oil Mean?

4 minute read

What do the terms parallel-path, value-add, and future-proof all have in common? They are all forms of corporate-speak that nobody outside the boardroom understands. Similarly, CBD labels include terminology that leave many in a state of bewilderment.   Hemp is still an emerging industry, so commonly used descriptors are not yet commonplace among consumers. People who… Read More

Celebrity Influence in CBD Industry

Celebrity Influence in CBD

< 1 minute read

Extract Labs CEO Featured in USA TODAY! USA Today’s reporter Elise Brisco recently interviewed our CEO, Craig Henderson about the differences between THC and CBD. The article “Martha Stweart, Jaleel White and more promote cannabis use” looks at the blossoming cannabis industry and gives an introduction to the two cannabinoids. Celebrities including Jay-Z, Willie Nelson,… Read More

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