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CBG Products You Need to Try

CBG, cannabigerol, is a special molecule that eventually transforms into all other cannabinoids as hemp plants mature. 

CBG, somewhat like CBD, promotes a sense of relaxation, alertness, and focus, among other responses. 

CBG is potentially more effective for focus. alertness, and relaxation. However, there is no evidence suggesting CBG is better than CBD or vice versa. 

Look no further than Extract Labs. From hemp to products all our production of CBG is in-house and lab tested.

Cannabigerol is a special molecule that eventually transforms into all other cannabinoids as hemp plants mature. This unique quality is why CBG is a sought-after extraction. Just like CBD, CBG products come in different forms, each with its unique benefits and uses.

What are CBG Products?

CBG products are similar to CBD products. The only difference is cannabigerol is the star active ingredient in the formula, not cannabidiol. 

What is CBG Best For?

Before we explore the different types of products, let’s look at why some cannabis fans prefer CBG. CBG and CBD both interact with the endocannabinoid system, so many of the effects are similar. Both promote a sense of relaxation, alertness, and focus, among other responses. 

Is CBG Stronger than CBD?

CBG is potentially more effective than CBD when used for the symptoms mentioned above, but there is no hard evidence suggesting CBG is better than CBD or vice versa. However, the high dose of CBD in many CBG oils may have something to do with why some people claim cannabigerol oil works better for them. 

We know that cannabinoids are more effective when working in concert with other cannabinoids, a phenomenon known as the entourage effect. Since there is very little CBG in hemp, most cannabigerol extractions maintain a large amount of CBD as well. This CBG: CBD ratio could potentially strengthen the entourage effect, resulting in an overall more potent extraction.  

CBG Products for Sale

CBG products come in the same formats as our CBD products: tincture, gummies, softgels, edibles, isolate, and topicals. Let’s take a look at each variety of CBG for sale.

Full Spectrum CBG Tincture

We already discussed that most CBG tinctures come with a generous dose of CBD as well. Our tincture offers a one-to-one ratio of cannabigerol to cannabidiol.

At 1000 milligrams apiece per bottle, our CBG oil is as potent as our extra-strength CBD tincture. And unlike other CBG products on the market, ours is a whole plant extraction. 

Full spectrum products contain less than 0.3 percent THC, the legal limit of tetrahydrocannabinol federally allowed in hemp. This is not enough THC to create a psychoactive effect. It also contains the plant’s other natural cannabinoids, such as CBN or CBC, terpenes, and other desirable compounds. 

Broad Spectrum CBG Tincture

Similar to full spectrum tinctures, our broad spectrum formula contains 1000 milligrams of CBG and 1000 milligrams of CBD along with other cannabinoids, terpenes and compounds.

The major difference is it does not include THC. Because THC remains federally illegal, some people may want to avoid the psychoactive cannabinoid altogether, especially if they might be subject to an upcoming drug test. 

Even though broad spectrum oils do not contain THC, they are still an effective tincture supported by the extraction’s other naturally occurring cannabinoids. 

Both full spectrum and broad spectrum CBG tinctures are formulated with coconut oil only. 

CBG Capsules

Our softgels include the same formula as our tincture, CBG extract and coconut oil, wrapped in a gel casing. One 30-capsule bottle contains the same cannabinoid content as a 30-milliliter tincture: 1000 milligrams of CBG and CBD each.

Most people like capsules due to their convenience or because they dislike the taste of tincture oil. 

CBG softgels may take slightly longer to take effect than the sublingual tincture method because the capsules travel through the digestive system before the body utilizes the cannabinoids.

CBG Gummies

Edibles effects tend to appear much later than other types of products. Like with capsules, cannabinoids have to travel through the digestive system before they are absorbed in the blood. However, they also tend to last a bit longer.

Other than the slower, sustained effects, people like edibles because they taste like candy. Our CBG gummies are equal potency to our tinctures and softgels—1000 milligrams of CBG and CBD each.

They come in three sugar-coated flavors: blackberry, raspberry, and huckleberry.

CBG Isolate

Isolate is the most refined, pure version of a cannabinoid. Through the refinement process, CBG converts into a solid, resulting in a white crystalline powder. Isolate is completely void of any other hemp compounds, including THC.

Isolate is tasteless, so it mixes well into food or drinks. It blends into topical products as well. People can also take CBG isolate sublingually by holding the powder under the tongue for 90 seconds. 

We sell isolate in 1000 milligram 1-gram jars and bulk sizes ranging from 5 to 500 milligrams.

CBG Rescue Rub

Partnering with Peak Extracts, our CBG Rescue Rub is an exclusive CBG topical only available through our site. One 8-ounce bottle includes 2000 milligrams of cannabinoids. This is one of the more potent topicals on the market. 

It is the only CBG topical we currently offer. The base formula comes from an ancient herbal remedy (the founder of Peak Extracts is a licensed Chinese herbalist) for inflammation. People use cannabinoid topicals for physical recovery and soothing general pain and soreness. 

They offer instant relief. Another perk is you can apply them directly to the targeted area. 

Can you Fail a Drug Test from CBG?

Yes. Any full spectrum hemp product can result in a failed drug test

Hemp and marijuana are both cannabis, so both contain a range of cannabinoids, including CBD, CBG, and THC. The only difference is the THC content. Legally, hemp must contain less than 0.3 percent THC.

Full spectrum CBG oil contains this trace amount of THC, not enough to cause any psychoactive effects. Depending on the dose, duration, and person’s chemistry would determine how much cannabinoids are in someone’s system at a given time. 

Most people do not realize that drug tests do not test for CBG, CBD, or other non-psychoactive cannabinoids. They do test for enzymes that break down tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).  

If you are concerned about failing a drug test, broad spectrum CBG and CBG isolate are better choices as both are THC free!


CBG products come in the same variety of formats as CBD products: tincture, topical, edibles, capsules, and isolate.

Research shows CBG maintains many of the same benefits as CBD. There is no evidence that CBG is more effective than CBD, however, most cannabigerol extracts contain a potent dose of CBD along with CBD, which may reinforce the entourage effect. 

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