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Bearded Man’s Good Values and Delicious CBD Coffee

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Bearded Man Coffee co-founder Landon Harmon (pictured above) wanted to give everyone a slice of the peace he feels sipping his first cup of the day on his back patio in the wooded Black Forest of Sedalia, Colorado.

“Every time someone drinks a cup of our coffee, my goal is for people to think what it would be like waking up in Aspen, quiet, snow falling, there is no one around, it’s morning time, you’re out there on the porch, wrapped in a blanket drinking a cup of coffee. There is nothing more that needs to be done,” Harmon says.

Bearded Man Coffee and Extract Labs have been working together since 2019 when CBD coffee became the hottest cafe trend since lavender syrup and pumpkin spice. 

“In Colorado, it is becoming less and less taboo to talk about this acronym that has been the devil for so long now,” Harmon says. “(Extract Labs) is doing a good job of changing the customer’s opinion on that, and all I am doing is connecting the two and creating a whole new environment, and that is really fun for us.” 

Fans like CBD’s ability to temper any jittery effects from the caffeine, creating a mellower buzz. The delivery method is also more approachable to people who haven’t tried hemp extractions before. CBD coffee converted Harmon’s in-laws who were vehemently anti-cannabis. “Sure as shit, now they are buying things from Extract Labs.” 

Bearded Man co-founder Landon Harmon wearing a Bearded man shirt and hat, walking on a trail in the mountains
Bearded Man Coffee co-founder Landon Harmon

Bearded Man offers both whole bean and single-serve pod bags. They make over 15 different roasts, blends, and infusions made with real ingredients, as well as six different roasts made with Extract Labs isolate. Harmon and team created an exclusive Extract Labs CBD infused coffee, Wolfhound, a cinnamon blonde roast infused with vanilla, cayenne, and pure isolate. Dedicated to transparency and quality, Bearded Man tests their coffee on top of our testing to ensure the combined product is equally as potent as it should be, 20 milligrams per pod and 250 milligrams per bag of whole beans. 

“We are always looking for local brands to work with, especially those who take the same pride in their work as Extract Labs,” says Extract Labs director of marketing Grant Rogers. “Bearded Man isn’t buying discount beans and infusing them with our cannabinoids in hopes of piling onto the CBD movement. They make a damn good cup of coffee first, and add CBD second.”

Both brands are Colorado proud, outdoorsy, active, and lean toward a more masculine image. For instance, all of the roasts are named after famous facial hairstyles, like the braided and beaded Sparrow Guatemalan roast after the famous snarky pirate, the mustache-to-muttonchop Gunslinger Mexican blend, and the impressive thick and full Bandholz breakfast blend. But Harmon said the company’s name is slightly misleading. 

“We are called Bearded Man Coffee because I have a beard,” Harmon says. 

While the beard styles may bring to mind the desperado, machismo, quintessential alpha male, Harmon says their values are not about being rough and burly, but about being a gentleman. 

“In my world, a gentleman means, do you open the door for a woman, do you look people in the eye when you talk to them, are you respectful of people who don’t share the same opinions of you?” Harmon says. 

Being a gentleman also means being a good steward of the earth, a guiding principle for the company since its inception. Harmon grew up being conscientious of day-to-day waste, shutting off his water while brushing his teeth, recycling, and taking simple steps to preserve the planet. 

That spilled over into their products, starting with taking on unrecyclable k-cup trash. The Bearded Man team designed compostable bamboo cups that allow freshly-roasted grounds to breathe inside the packaging. Rather than forcing water through the grounds, their patent-pending cup also allows the coffee to bloom inside the pod resulting in the best CBD coffee

Now the crew is looking to expand into a new carbon-negative facility in Castle Rock, where they will also have an on-site cafe serving just coffee. No mochas, lattes or macchiatos. The building will contain solar panels, electric vehicle charging stations, and other green technology. Harmon says he hopes the venture will lead the sea change in building greener businesses for the future of the state of Colorado and the world. 

And Harmon puts just as much care into his brew. 

“He won’t settle for anything less than perfection in his brewing method, and if that isn’t testament enough to the passion that goes into every moment of his process, I don’t know what is,” Rogers says. “I can only imagine he had one bad cup of coffee at some point in his life and swore a lifelong vendetta against stale, acidic airline coffee.”

Bearded Man Coffee

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We partnered with Bearded Man to offer exclusive Extract Labs CBD coffee blends.


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