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CBD Tincture vs Oil

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What’s the difference between CBD Tincture and CBD Oil? Is it important as a consumer to decide between one or the other? 

CBD Tincture

Tinctures are essentially an alcohol infused with another substance believed to have medicinal properties. In our case, the infused medicine being CBD. This is not the same thing as a typical alcohol-based extraction process, which eventually yields hemp oil free of alcohol. Using ethyl alcohol, or another high proof alcohol as the solvent, properties from hemp are infused simply by combining the two in a container and allowing enough time for the process to work.

Tinctures are typically much lower in medicinal concentration, contain alcohol, and are often infused with other herbal properties and natural flavors. 


CBD Oil is the by-product of an extraction process that pulls out compounds from the plant into a liquid. The two most popular methods are CO2 extraction and alcohol extraction. CO2 extraction is the best method as it is the cleanest, purest way to extract without needing to go through higher levels of processing in order to yield similar results. As an orally ingested medicine, CBD oil requires a carrier substance (fat) in order to absorb into the bloodstream. Most Hemp extracts are combined with coconut oil to achieve bioavailability.

CBD oils are much higher in CBD concentration, and require an additional fat ingredient in order for the body to absorb it.

Which is better: CBD Oil or Tincture?

Given the above definitions, CBD Oil is clearly the more professionally sound version of making CBD. It’s also likely to be the more expensive option. However, these definitions do not account for the frequent use of these terms, and for practical reasons, the most important part of this discussion comes down to how the industry uses them.

So what's really the difference?

The fact is, CBD tincture and CBD oil are used interchangeably. It is even quite common to find “CBD Tincture Oil” in use. Evidence of this either / or usage is found in our own product line, where we have Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures alongside Full Spectrum CBG Oil.

In the above example, we chose “tinctures,” in part because a hemp extract infused with organic flavor administered sublingually via a dropper connotes “tincture” in most people’s mind. Our CBG “Oil,” on the other hand, has no added flavor and given that the “G” in CBG can be elusive to the eye, we felt that using “Oil” in this case would help draw a distinction between the two.

Both our CBG Oil and our CBD Tincture undergo the same CO2 extraction process, and only use certified organic coconut oil as a carrier. One called “tincture” and the other, “oil.” There is no difference.

When things stick, we (humans) tend to just go with it. So, it’s likely that in places where marijuana was legalized(but certainly not before), people were making homemade tinctures from cannabis. These early adopters helped cement the term in our minds, where today it’s used a bit more loosely. 

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