All About CBD Topicals

3 minute read

We recently teamed up with Portland company Peak Extracts to develop luxury CBD chocolate bars. Now the ladies at Peak ventured from the edible world into the topical territory to create new CBD lotions made with Extract Labs oils that are as potent and high-end as their other products.  Peak Extract’s founder, Katie Stem started… Read More

CBD for Gut Health

The Endocannabinoid System and Gut Health

3 minute read

Living inside each of our guts is a micro world as diverse and abundant as an ocean reef or city metropolis. Innumerable helpful bacteria, fungi, and viruses make up our microbiome that promotes our overall well-being by breaking down food and capturing beneficial nutrients for our bodies to absorb. In addition to helpful bacteria, there… Read More

Does CBD Work for Pain?

3 minute read

Cannabidiol (CBD) has broad therapeutic value for anxiety, seizures, skin issues, and sleep. But many people, from athletes in their prime to older people struggling with arthritis, look to CBD for another reason altogether: to alleviate pain.  An abundance of anecdotal evidence showing the effectiveness of CBD for pain gives weight to the cannabinoid’s power…. Read More

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day CBD Gift Guide

4 minute read

Moms do a lot for us. They give us undeserved compliments, take care of us when we are sick, oh and let’s not forget, give birth to us in the first place! They deserve more than a grocery store card for Mother’s Day! CBD’s many forms—from CBD oil to CBD creams—make a lovely gift for… Read More

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